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Amber’s Story by J. A. Smith

Amber should have had a perfect life. In school, she was smart and popular. She married her high school sweetheart. Now, twelve years later, she is divorced and starting over. With help from her best friend Kelly, Amber gets a second chance to learn about friendships, love, and sex”all the things that make life special.

With Kelly helping expand her sexual knowledge, it’s not long before Amber is shaving down below and sporting a little, yellow rose tattoo on her butt. Amber gets her first vibrator and becomes proficient at masturbating to her nasty, kinky erotic fantasies.

Amber and Kelly take a week vacation to an erotic, all-inclusive resort in Jamaica, where Amber is introduced to nudity, public sex, flogging, group sex, and bisexuality, as Amber and Kelly become tongue to pussy close. They never expected this All Inclusive part to include so much sex!

Back in California, Amber meets Matt, a handsome firefighter. What she likes the handsome part, her firefighter grandpa died at a fire when she was young. Though she doesn’t want to get involved with Matt, he does intrigue her. Plus their dates and trips with Matt are terrific, romantic, and sexual. Whiles she tries to keep her relationship with Matt strictly fun and games, her growing feelings for him push her into a seemingly no win situation move in with him or cool their relationship.

Amber’s sexual adventures are told in graphic, erotic detail. She is exposed to numerous sexual situations, including exhibitionism, female bisexuality, pubic sex, group sex, anal sex, toys, rimming, pegging, and an introduction to the world of domination, S&M, D/s, bondage and flogging.

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Amber has come to enjoy going to the gym. At first, it was work and she had to force herself to go. Now it is more of a routine. She likes the feeling that she is doing something positive for her body.

The gym always has muscle guys, but that has not been a big attraction for Amber. She is much more attracted to a nice guy, rather than those that are full of themselves. She does check out the guys and girls from the corners of her eyes. So far, she has not made any new friends. Part of the problem at the gym is not much talking. People are working out and do not chat often. Still, she figures this could be a place to meet people.

Her gym membership included the services of a personal trainer for her first ten sessions. Amber has been going to the gym twice a week. Her personal trainer, Darren, supervises the first 15 minutes, of each session. Darren is in his twenties and an obvious gym rat. He is handsome and well built. Amber has enjoyed being around him. She especially liked the first day when he weighed her and measured her. Running the tape around her ass and tits did turn Amber on a bit. She also thought she noticed a bulge in his tight training shorts.

Each session covers a different piece of equipment. Darren shows her how it operates and how to do it correctly. He watches her and corrects any errors in her technique. He makes sure she is getting the greatest benefit from her workout.

As Amber works the different apparatus, he is watching her closely. On one of the earlier sessions, she was doing the leg lift machine. She was on her back with her feet above her waist on a metal panel. As she pushes with her feet, she can exercise her legs. Darren was watching her from the front. He could look right between her legs, as she pushed the weights. It was a good thing that Amber was wearing shorts that covered her pussy well.

On her fourth session with Darren, he took her to the leg-spreading machine. In this piece of equipment, Amber was sitting with her knees against the machine. It works by spreading your legs, pushing the weights apart. This exercise works your thighs as well as your personal trainer’s cock. Darren was standing between her legs watching her technique. Amber stretched her legs as far as she could with each repetition. She was wearing her loose fitting shorts. This time, there was no doubt Darren was getting a hard-on.

Today, Amber is feeling a little mischievous. She decided to up the ante a little by wearing her thin, tight shorts. They are made of a soft cotton material. When stretched they will show the outline of her pussy…if not the edges of her pussy lips.

At the gym, like most sessions, Darren asks her if she needs to review anything. She tells him she thinks she needs to do the leg-spreading machine another time. He puts her in it and watches from a few feet away. Amber begins to move the exercise machine back and forth stretching the fabric of her shorts across her pussy lips. She pretends nothing is going on. She knows it will not be long before her wet pussy is going to dampen the minimal fabric of her shorts.

Darren cannot take his eyes off her shorts. They are tight across her pussy. He can make out her pussy lips, as she stretches to the max. He thinks he can see the edge of her pussy peeking out.

Amber tries not to smile but cannot suppress a small grin. Darren takes his eyes off her crotch to see her looking at him with a tiny smile. “Do you enjoy torturing me?” he asks.

“Torturing you does sound fun, but I was only trying to tease you.”

“You’re succeeding very well. If you really want to tease me, we have a private massage room for special clients. It has a massage table and a locking door. Maybe you would want to go there and try a few reps of push-ins.”

Things are moving a little faster than Amber had expected. She is happy her teasing has gotten Darren wanting to fuck her right here and right now. They head to the massage room. The other personal trainers and some of the people exercising know about the massage room. None says a word, but they know Amber is heading towards intimacy.

Once inside, she turns to Darren. He pulls her to him. She can feel his hard cock through his shorts. She moves her hand down to feel how big it is. He pulls off his work out shirt. She loosens the tie on his shorts and pulls them down. He is wearing a jock strap with the material stretching to contain his hard cock.

Amber rubs his cock through his jock strap, keeping it constrained. She makes him wait before releasing his thick member. Darren slips off her top and runs his hands all over her titties. Her nipples are erect. He lowers her gym shorts. She is fully naked; he only has his strained jock strap left. He cannot stand it any longer; he steps back dropping his jock strap and letting his huge cock spring free.

Amber is thinking that working out must make guys dicks get bigger, because this is one of the largest, longest, thickest cocks she has ever seen. She cannot wait to try to get it in her pussy.

Up on the massage table, Amber is on her back while Darren licks her pussy. He is making her opening moist, using his saliva for lube. Amber’s pussy is also beginning to drip in anticipation of the cock that is soon to fill her. Darren moves to between her legs and spits on his hand several times to make his cock slick. Then he moves the head of it toward Amber’s opening.

It is a tight fit, but he is so hard and she is so wet…he gets the tip in. Once the head is in, Darren moves it back and forth getting deeper with each stroke. Amber has never been this full of cock before. His thickness is making her very aroused. It is hard to believe, but it is almost all the way in. He fucks her in long slow strokes. She is spread wide and is enjoying every stroke. Then she feels his nuts on her asshole and knows she has all of it. Amber begins to massage her clit, as Darren fucks her with full strokes, banging his nuts into her each time.

Amber gets her pussy off with his entire cock up inside her. He moans and shoots his cum deep into her stretched pussy. She enters into orgasmic bliss knowing her pussy is filled with cock and cum.

When he withdraws, she feels his warm cum dripping down the crack of her ass. As she leaves the massage room, she is walking slowly with an uncontrollable smile across her face. Many of those exercising nearby know she has just had her pussy satisfied.


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