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The Sex Barbarians by Jane Brooke

Buckle up for this anthology is about to take you on in a mind-bending experience. From the demented, depraved mind of Jane Brooke. She takes the reader into the ultra BDSM, private sex and scene clubs few readers ever knew existed. This is as graphic and insane as it gets, with stories about bi, gay and straight females, both dominant and submissive, as they take a plunge into the depths of sexual gratification. Miss Brooke spent months travelling the world and vows that everything in these stories is true – one way or another. As she says, “Some females love roses, a fine dinner and a kiss goodnight…while others need a bull whip, hand cuffs, and to be brutally dominated in order to satisfy their unorthodox sexual needs.

Stories include: Jamaican Vacay – where a stunning, blond, British lass moves into the darkness of a Jamaican prison to fulfill her sexual fantasies. Then there’s Bayou Girl – she needed to heat up, burn it up, maybe fuck some sweet girl or she was going to simply flame out. “It was New Orleans baby doll, pronounced like New-Or-Lens, a last-ditch place wherever you are, an odd world, a surreal and dangerous world, a perfect world.” There’s seriously, definitely Madness as two strangers go insane within each other’s pathos in a Jamaican paradise. And lest we forget to mention, After Sunday Services as Pentecostal female kisses her husband/pastor goodbye for a Sunday jaunt helping the poor. With a very twisted sense of humor perhaps, she finds what she is looking for when she delivers food to the gang bangers in Philadelphia. These stories and others.

Explicit, graphic BDSM sexuality. Quite obviously, this is not an anthology for the weak of heart.

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