Annick’s Bed: A Trevor Gantt Erotic Novel


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Annick’s Bed by Gemma Stone

Wealthy French heiress and socialite Annick Bouchet weds supermodel Julia Spoleto. Julia, who is also an accomplished Domme, owns Manhattan’s best Italian restaurant, Julia’s Bed, which also houses a secret and exclusive harem of slaves for more private pleasures. Annick tells Julia that they need to open an outpost of the operation in Paris, although Julia is at first skeptical that an Italian restaurant can succeed in the capital of haute cuisine. But at last she gives in, and Julia’s Bed is reproduced in France, with the operation an instant success. Things look bright until a Ripper-like murderer begins killing the beautiful models making up their Parisian staff.  When the police are baffled, Annick turns to private investigator Trevor Gantt. Gantt, an experienced Dom, helped the women save the business once before. Can he do so again and find the murderer before he kills again? And whose bed will he wind up in this time? Gemma Stone’s nastiest and sexiest mystery yet. Femdom, male submission, female submission, maledom, bondage, whips, spanking, lesbian sex, threesomes, group sex, exhibitionism, voyeurism, oral and anal sex.

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