Body Wisdom & Uncompromising Portraits


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Two hot Erotic Romances in one volume!
Body Wisdom by Lizbeth Dusseau
Erotic Romance. The prim librarian, Jessie, can’t believe she’s fallen in love with a leather-clad motorcycle bad boy. But with eyes that go straight to her heart, the dashing rebel has the town librarian mesmerized. Their spirited clash pits Kurt’s reckless independence against Jessie’s incurable stability for a sizzling erotic escapade. When disaster strikes, and their stubborn personalities collide, will their passions triumph, or is their relationship doomed? A hot sexy romance with some light bondage and anal sex play.
Uncompromising Portraits by Lizbeth Dusseau
Erotic Romance. Forbidden desire drives Sydney to pose nude for an artist against her husband’s wishes. Defying him, she begins a steamy affair with the artist and another model, the muscled and seductive Tomas, that threatens to tear her marriage apart. Breaking all taboos, this lusty ménage a trois fulfills her in ways she never believed possible. Yet, for all her sexual freedom something is missing. Her heart still aches for the man she loves. Is there any chance the broken relationship with her husband can be repaired? A steamy romp featuring exhibitionism, a hot threesome, light bondage and anal sex play.

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