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Carolines Contract by Lizbeth Dusseau

A classic tale of a young woman’s struggle with her submissive desires.

Haunted by unfulfilled desire and fantasy, Artist Caroline Ashley, on the advice of a friend, seeks out the services of an acclaimed dominant master, Max Burton. Max initiates their association offering Caroline a legal contract giving him the right to not only punish her as he desires, but to take ownership of her sexual life. Max leads the naﶥ Caroline ever more deeply into the submissive role for which she is so naturally suited. At the same time he finds himself romantically lured by her sensuous appeal. Though Caroline would seek to own him as much as he owns her, she learns harsh lessons in surrender, required to accept this masters inventive sexual appetites and the other women who serve him; his young secretary, Diandra, the femdom porn queen, Vicki, and even Caroline’s best friend, Roxanne.

Creative spanking and punishment scenes as well as exhibitionism, threesomes, group sex, Fem/fem bisexuality, and some S&M.

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