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College Bound by Patrick Richards

I’ve always considered myself normal, and I’m sure Bobby Atwell did too. We grew up doing all the things that boys do, although from a very young age, Bobby had a deep fascination with ropes and bondage. Being tied up and helpless really intrigued him.

Later Bobby became intrigued by the pictures in a kinky magazine of women dressed in sexy, black leather outfits, wielding evil-looking whips while they tortured naked men who were bound in various painful positions. He spent countless nights reading and rereading the magazine stories as he carefully studying the stunning images. The more he did this, the more intense his secret bondage games became. Just looking at the pictures made his cock grow hard. Gorgeous leather clad women… Men hung up by their wrists and brutally whipped… He jerked off imagining it was him getting whipped.

One summer day, he was caught by the sexy Julie playing one of his self-bondage games down in the woods. With Julie wasting no time using her newfound power to her advantage, he quickly learned that women hold all the cards.

This Femdom tale includes slavery, bondage, discipline, whips and paddles, crossdressing, chastity, milking, water sports, oral, anal, some F/f.

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Beams of morning sunlight were filtering through the windows of the beach house. They would have been brighter if there wasn’t a pair of her black bikini panties still draped over my face. But it made no difference. I like them, and the wonderful scent of pussy and lust that lingered on the silky fabric.

Actually, I was in no position to remove them. I was tightly bound spread eagle on the bed, waiting for someone to return and release me. As I lay there, memories of last night’s fun brought a smile to my face. I inhaled deeply and remembered the many times I quenched the sexual thirst of my Mistress with a multitude of mind-blowing orgasms. She used me for hours, yet denied me any release.

I chuckled to myself, as I remembered how this all began so many years ago.

Actually my Mistress is my cousin. Well, we aren’t real cousins. We aren’t even related. We just called her that. A year or so after she was born her parents were both killed in a tragic automobile accident. My aunt had been Julie’s babysitter and kept her safe until arrangements could be made. With no other option other than being put up for adoption her elderly grandfather supported her, and my aunt raised her like her own daughter. Julie was never legally adopted, so we weren’t related either by blood, marriage or adoption. No one ever spoke about it. I often wondered as I watched her develop if maybe we were just going to be kissing cousins.

We would see each other every summer and sometimes on holidays. One year my Mom and I would go to LA, and the next she and my aunt would come to Boulder. We looked forward to those vacations especially after she knew my kinky secret.

For my entire life I have always been intrigued with ropes and bondage. I loved to see movies where someone was tied up. When I was ten or eleven, I started to experiment with self-bondage. I tied myself up at night and played games with ropes or anything else I could find and figure out how to use.

I remember one time when I discovered an old trunk in our back shed. One day I emptied it out and climbed in. As the top slammed shut, I was excited to be helplessly locked inside. It was dark and rather small. I sat there and imagined being held captive by ruthless pirates on the high seas or some other bit of fantasy. I immediately realized that even at that age, being locked up and helpless excited me. That was all well and good until I discovered that there was no way to release the locks on the outside of the trunk that had snapped shut. There was no way to get to them and let myself out. I was definitely stuck. I think the excitement lessened at that point.

Luckily my grandfather, who lived next door, had seen me go into the building. After a few minutes when he didn’t see me come back out, he decided to see what devilish thing I was doing. Seeing all the old bedding and discarded clothes outside the trunk, he knew where I was. He sat down in an old rocker and let me struggle, trying to end my dilemma. Probably a half hour passed before I decided that there was no possible escape. I was definitely stuck and yelled for help.

When he finally opened the trunk, I was a sweaty mess. I was tired from pushing and prying, but relieved that he found me. Well, he wasn’t just going to let me go. He did inform me however that I would have probably died in there from the lack of air if I had been in there much longer. He made me promise to never do it again. That was followed by a couple of quick swats on my butt with a warning that my punishment would be a lot worse if I ever tried anything like that again. Yea, like that would deter me. Several other times I closed myself in that tiny prison, but I always had a way out.

Then one time when I was older, Julie came for her summer visit. One day she went shopping with my aunt and my mom, so I decided to take my “special” ropes and disappear down in the woods near the creek to play my secret little games. Well she obviously arrived home just as I entered the trees and quietly followed me. When I got to my favorite spot, I stripped bare assed naked and threw one of the ropes up over a branch. On each end of the short rope I had tied slip knots so I could put my hands in the loops and then swing out from an old log at the base of the tree. I would hang there by my wrists for as long as I could stand it. I loved the feeling of being naked, exposed and helplessly bound.

I hung there for just a short time when I was startled by her voice.

“What ya doing, Bobby?” she asked with a sing-song tone that said, “Ha, ha, I caught you.”

“Oh shit!” I whispered, as I tried to quickly free myself.

I panicked and attempted to get loose, but in my haste I just made things worse. When she got close, she giggled, knowing I was stuck.

“I’ve been watching you for quite a while. It seems that you really like this, don’t you? I bet you come down here a lot and do things like this.”

I struggled again, as she walked around in front of me.

“Please just go away so I can get down,” I begged.

“Why, and miss all this fun?”

She stood right there, not three feet from me, exactly eye level with my fully exposed, erect, little cock. I was rock hard and so embarrassed but couldn’t do anything about it. After all I was totally naked, and she was a girl.

Then she noticed another piece of rope at the base of the tree. As she picked it up, she asked, “So Bobby, how do you normally get yourself untied and back down from there?”

“I… ah… I swing my legs up over the branch and pull myself up high enough to release the ropes.”

“Well, we can’t have that, can we?” she giggled.

“Please, Julie… don’t.”

She laughed, as she tied my feet together and looped the rope around a short stub that stuck out from the downed log below me. Now I was completely at her mercy. There was no possible way to escape.

“This really excites you doesn’t it?” she asked, as she continued to stare at my erection.

“Yes,” I whispered sheepishly, as I just looked down at the ground.

She never touched me, but I’m sure she was definitely intrigued by my hard cock. I’m sure it was the first guy’s pecker that she’d ever seen. Then she sat on the ground with her legs crossed Indian style and watched me hang there helplessly. With her legs wide open like that and wearing a rather short skirt she knew I could see her little white panties with the red hearts. She was definitely playing with me.

“What are you looking at Bobby? You like my pretty panties?”

“Hey, you’re looking at me, aren’t you?” I replied, trying to defend my actions.

“Yea, but you’re the one who tied himself up so everyone who came along could see your cute little peter.”

“Cute? Come on, Julie; please… just let me down.”

“I will when I’m good and ready, but tell me… why do you like this so much? Do you like to be tied up?”

“Ah, I don’t know. I just do.”

She laughed, as I struggled to free myself.

“Then why are you trying to get loose. If you like it so much, just relax and enjoy it. I’ll untie you when I’m ready. But right now I enjoy seeing you so totally helpless.”

“But I’m naked.”


She let me hang there for quite a while. Finally the excitement was gone, and my hard-on disappeared. My cock just hung down on my balls.


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