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Catherine’s Dream by Tina Gray

Freelance photographer, Catherine (Cat) meets the handsome Sam Worth in a local pub, as she consoles herself after being betrayed by her lover. The two hit it off immediately. The following weekend, while photographing classic cars at local show she spots a beautiful 1960 Corvette, sets up her equipment, and begins to shoot. To her surprise, the owner of the Corvette is Sam! After spending the day together, the budding romance between the two turns into a night of hot sex at her townhouse.
In Sam, Cat discovers a dominant male and a terrific lover. Surrendering to him is easy, and their romance deepens into the kind of D/s relationship that Cat has always wanted. It’s not long before her BFF Maddie joins them at Sam’s lake house, for a fiery hot threesome, including mattress restraints, a playhouse and Lesbian sex. More than Cat ever dreamed of. Sam and Cat’s affair is heading toward marriage, until a crisis occurs that puts their entire relationship in jeopardy, and Sam’s afraid that he’s lost her forever. A sizzling (consensual) BDSM romance with lots of hot sex, restraint, bondage, threesome, lesbian, female submission, oral sex, anal sex, spanking and sex toys.

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Catherine, “Cat” to her friends, was in her favorite place in the world, underneath Henry with him deep inside her, thrusting his massive cock into her repeatedly. She felt her orgasm building stronger and stronger as he ravaged her body with lust and strength that almost split her apart. She didn’t even hear her own moans and screams as he fucked her unmercifully nor did she feel his teeth sinking into her neck and shoulder as he added pain to the extreme pleasure he was giving her.

She didn’t notice when he swelled inside her as she clenched his member with her strong vaginal muscles. She was close to cumming and passing out at the same time. She didn’t feel him throbbing inside her as she wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his hips. The bliss caused by Henry fucking her as only he could do it, overpowered her senses.

He thrust deeply into her once again, but this time he blew a massive load deep in her pussy. She felt the power of her own orgasm explode in her brain and throughout her entire body. Her pussy clamped down on his cock and held him deep inside her. He pulled back a little and then thrust into her again, unloading another massive shot of cum in her. With each ejaculation, she came until they both collapsed in each other’s arms, totally fucked out. He slowly receded from her pussy until he was out of her. The familiar warm feeling of satisfaction spread over her and she held him close in the throes of afterglow. It was the best sex she had ever had!

He surprised her when he did something he had never done before. He rolled to his side, got out of bed, and dressed.

“Where are you going?” she asked. They usually stayed in each other’s arms until the flames arose again and they could resume their passionate encounter. Henry could go for at least three times and she was more than willing to accommodate his desires.

He was silent and didn’t answer her question. She lay there in bed, watching him dress and when she realized he was leaving her, she moved to the side of the bed, his cum streaming out of her love hole as it made a huge wet spot, and reached out for his arm to turn him around so she could see his eyes. He pulled away and finished buttoning his shirt.

By then, Cat knew something was horribly wrong. She had no idea what had happened. When he finished dressing, he left the bedroom and headed into the kitchen. She went after him.

“Henry, where are you going? What’s wrong?” she asked. He ignored her and kept on walking.

“Put on your clothes and come into the living room. We have to talk,” he finally said to her. She did as he told her and dressed after having toweled off most of his ejaculate which was still flowing out of her pussy and down her legs. She knew she would ruin her panties if she put them on so she went commando under her jeans. She slipped on her blouse and followed him. He was sitting on the couch sipping a glass of water.

“Ok, Henry. What’s this all about?” she implored. “We usually do it two or three times. Why did you get up after only once? You have not satisfied me yet and I know you haven’t finished either. Come back to bed and let’s do it again, right now!”

He put down his glass and stood up. He was a head taller and she had to look up to see his eyes. A terrible frown covered his face as he stood before her. She tried to put her arms around him, but he wouldn’t let her. He pulled away again.

“That’s not going to happen,” he told her, “ever again!” He emphasized the “ever again” part. She drew away from him, put her hands on her hips and lashed out at him.

“What do you mean?” she shouted at him with indignation and alarm. “We just had the best sex ever and you don’t want to do it again?”

He turned his head to one side and would not look at her, then took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

“There is a lot you don’t know about me,” he said. “Yes, we have great sex, but that’s not enough.”

“We don’t have sex or make love or anything like that,” she replied. “We fuck each other’s brains out.”

“That’s what I am talking about,” he turned back to her. “I want more than fucking.” He ducked his head and paused for a moment. Cat kept quiet, bad feelings building inside her. Her anxiety turned to anger, and instinct told her something awful and unexpected was happening. He turned away again.

“We cannot see each other anymore,” he suddenly blurted out. “It is over between us.”

She gasped. She didn’t love him but he was amazing in bed. She didn’t want to lose that, even though much was missing that should be there between a man and a woman. She loved sex and she loved fucking a man who really knew how to do it and had the equipment to pull it off.

“Do you mind telling me why? I have given you my body to do with as you wanted and I have let you get your rocks off in me whenever you wanted. I am here, in your apartment for the umpteenth time for that. You can’t tell me that you haven’t enjoyed every minute of it.” She grabbed his arm forcefully this time and turned him around so that he was looking at her. He tried to turn away again.

“Look at me, asshole!” she insisted. “Look me in the eyes and tell me what is going on here, dammit.” She held him by both shoulders so he could not look away again. He gave in.

“Ok. I’ll tell you. I am going back to my wife and kids,” he said. “I never should have left them.”

“Your wife and kids?” she asked him incredulously. “You’re married?” She couldn’t believe her ears. He had never told her. “Why didn’t you tell me, you bastard? You are married?” she asked again.

“We are separated and I didn’t think it would matter,” he lied with a straight face.

Now Cat knew why sometimes he was unavailable to her and realized that she had been fucking a cad for all these months.

“Wouldn’t matter?” her voice was biting and accusatory at the same time. “How could you think that?” She was indignant and had every right to be. “How could you do this to me, or to your wife for that matter? You have a great cock and you know how to use it, but all I see now is this six-foot-tall dick that is you, Henry. You are the worst scumbag I have ever met, damn you!” She was getting hot under the collar and seeing red. Her nickname was “Hell Cat” and that personality took over.

Then he made a terrible mistake. He reached out to embrace her. She backed up a step. “I am sorry,” he said and moved toward her again.

She said, “You are not nearly as sorry as you are going to be, ass wipe!!! He made the same mistake again and tried to move toward her. She let him get close enough and then she struck. With all her might, she thrust up her right knee between his legs, hitting home with the first blow. He bent over in pain and she kneed him again, and again. With a cry that can only come from extreme pain, he collapsed in front of her, writhing and holding his crotch as she stepped back from him with total satisfaction on her face. Her self-defense classes finally paid off.

“I hope you really enjoy going back to that poor woman who has the extreme misfortune to have married you,” she shouted at him as she picked up her purse and slid on her shoes. He was in too much pain to hear what she was saying. “I hope you get what you deserve, you wimp, you less-than-a-man. I am out of here!” She left him there on floor not caring how badly he was hurting and deservedly so as she opened the door and made her exit without another word. Not even a “Goodbye, asshole.” She went down the steps to her car, got in, and drove off, never to see him again. That episode in her life was over. She shed one little tear and floored the accelerator in her new Dodge Challenger Hellcat, getting out of there as fast as possible, never to return to Henry and his lies, never to even think of him again. Good riddance!


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