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Contained by S M Ackerman BDSM Short Stories

 A simple Question.

When you are naughty you might get told off and perhaps spanked. When you are very naughty you might get caned or paddled and perhaps placed in the corner. The question is? What might happen when someone has been very very naughty and deserves and needs to be suitably disciplined for his or her behavior?

A collection of sexy hot short stories where the wayward, the wicked and disobedient get what they deserve in punishment and subjection. To teach them a lesson? Maybe. To salve their guilt? Perhaps. At least until the next time. The amazing thing? They do it to themselves, or at least that’s how it begins.

A Farm Girl Punished.  She may be a girl of just 19, but she knows exactly what she wants. With mom and dad away for the weekend, she enacts a bondage scheme that’s sure to make her hot and wet, and so horny that she can hardly stand herself. With rope, belts, straps, cuffs, a buttplug, a ballgag and a lot more, she has herself locked up with no way to release herself, roaming naked and bound around the farmyard, hoping that her “key to freedom” will be available before the grisly old Frank arrives to milk the cows. Lots of surprises await this slut when she learns that a fancy pony carriage will become an unexpected part of her fantasy adventure, and more than she ever bargained for.

More stories include How Did I Get Myself Here?, Robot-Dominatrix, The Beginning. (Year 2197 AD.), Dirty Filthy Sex, I Should Not Be Doing This, and others. If you like your BDSM erotica to contain lots of sophisticated bondage and very edgy, this collection is for you.


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