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Catherine’s Triumph by Tina Gray

Suspense, corporate takeover and a polyamory cast of characters dedicated to enjoying their unique lifestyle!
The 4th installment of the Catherine Saga begins with Sam now the Chairman of the Board of Global Investments, Ltd; while Catherine, Caitlin and Angie have been appointed to the Board of Directors, heading up three vitally essential functions in the firm. In order to make sure his family will be safe, Sam has installed new security and communications systems at their lake house and the marina. However, an old friend, an expert in security, has checked out the new systems and found some concerns. Digging deeper, they learned that someone is attempting a hostile takeover! Millions of dollars have been stolen. And the plane crash, occurring at the end of the third installment, Catherine’s Destiny was a hit against Sam and the former Chairman. Who’s behind the attack and what other damage have they done? It’s for Sam and his team to find out. Once the dust finally settles on the matter, the family takes off for Paris to make plans for their culinary academy and explore the cuisine and wines. But Catherine, now far along in her pregnancy, becomes ill while dining out. It seems that someone’s trying to make her abort the twins! Who’s behind the attack, and what other damage have they done? It’s for Sam and his team to find out.
Includes lots of steamy sex, male domination, romance, restraint, bondage, polyamory, submission, oral sex, anal sex, spanking, toys and lesbian sex.

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