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Chaste Carter by Jamie Sterling

Carter Mathis is handsome, successful, and accustomed to bedding his share of attractive women. On meeting the ravishing redhead Jessica Kendricks, he is immediately attracted to her, although she’s exceedingly formal and somewhat distant. While this is both confusing and arousing, Carter is determined to conquer her. Later, Jessica informs him that she is sexually dominant, and she only gets involved with men who submit to her. Thus Carter anticipates enjoying some kinky sex. Only later does he learn that she’ll require him to wear a chastity device full time. While he’s concerned, he’s curious too, and with some trepidation, he agrees to her terms.
Though sexually frustrated, Carter’s desire for Jessica compels him to submit. But after his first week in chastity, Jessica informs him that he will be kept in chastity for months. She sees it as a privilege to be allowed to serve her. Of course, she’ll release him if he wants, but he will not be permitted to serve her ever again. The question is: Can Carter become the submissive man Jessica desires?
Includes Female Domination, Male Chastity Devices, Bondage, Collars, Butt Plugs.

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