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Chrystal’s New Uniform by JG-Leathers

Story Inspired by Baron von Ronsa

The naive eighteen year old Chrystal has long had a fascination for rubber, a fascination that her stepmother Lady Arlen has heartily encouraged. Under the woman’s guidance, Chrystal has already enjoyed the sensuous feel of the rubber garments in her wardrobe. But now there’s to be a ‘new uniform’, one especially designed to conform seamlessly to Chrystal’s youthful body, based on a series of exacting measurements. With her sexuality beginning to bloom, her fetish for rubber only increases with the prospects of her new attire. However, Lady Arlen’s plans for her charge take a number of unanticipated and, indeed, diabolical twists that Chrystal never expected.

She’s taken to the garment’s maker, Mr. Eversham, who will take on the meticulousness task of fitting the uniform to her body – a process that will take several hours. Each new article, from the stringent corset to the face mask to the horrid boots and mittens, give Chrystal cause for alarm. Soon she’ll be covered head to toe in her beloved rubber. However, rubber is not the only unusual aspect to her new clothes. With unique electronic features as part of its design, the uniform will not only be capable of giving her intensely erotic stimulation in her crotch and breasts, it will allow for both sensory deprivation and electro-punishment beyond her wildest imaginings.

Nothing about this is what Chrystal expected. Soon she’ll be trapped in a prison of rubber with no escape, her body no longer her own to control, her fate determined by strangers, and her contact with the outside world quickly dwindling away. In this chilling first person account of Chrystal’s descent into submission, the horror of her predicament amplifies with each new step she’s required to take.

Highlighting the novel’s graphic content are stringent bondage, rubber, punishment, humiliation, tube feedings, enemas, piercing, bladder control, electro-torture, permanent body modifications and submission. Sure to be another JG-Leathers classic.

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Then, finally, that morning arrived.

I got up and had a shower and much to my surprise did not have to put on my normal thick, oppressive long rubber corset. My stepmother (although only honorary), Lady Arlen Groombridge, had instructed Bertram, her maid, to lay out a chemise and knicker combination made of russet-coloured rubber; a material which had grown to be almost a second skin to me by now. In addition, Bertram had also prepared a pair of opera length stockings and shoulder length gloves of the same material. The chemise and knicker set were possessed of such long sleeves and loose trouser legs that I was to be doubly covered in rubber from my shoulders to the tips of my toes and the ends of my fingers. On top of all went my ankle length ‘rain dress’ and I knew without thought that before we left the house Lady Arlen would also insist on a suitable anorak and, furthermore, my wide bicycle cape, covering all beneath.

Bertram had become a constant presence in my life, immediately from the time I came to stay with Lady Arlen. She was a mature woman of some 35 years, very nice looking, tall and strongly built, dwarfing my 150 cm height and 50 kilos. I was intimidated by her from the first moment and knew that if she so desired, she could physically control me with ease. Lady Arlen always addressed her staff by their last names, and I suppose her doing so was a holdover from times past when the rich never spoke to their servants in any other manner. Although I found it to be somewhat distasteful there was little I could say and Bertram accepted it without complaint. It was only some six weeks after my arrival I discovered that her first name was actually Clarice.

Once I dressed in the beloved rubber, I walked carefully downstairs, enjoying the sensations it provided, even though my long skirts hindered my ability to walk freely. I’d gradually gotten used to wearing these voluminous, ankle-length garments, but didn’t really like their restriction and weight. However, Lady Arlen insisted and most recently had provided me with no other type of clothing to wear, rubber or otherwise, to my dismay.

A small, Continental style breakfast had been set in the dining room and when we’d finished, she handed me a large glass of what appeared to be orange juice.

“Drink all of this, please, Chrystal. You will find that it relaxes you and will help you to enjoy all that will happen today.”

Without too much thought of what the juice glass might contain in addition to the orange juice, I did as she asked, then we went to the front hall and donned our outer layers of clothing. In fact, we really were to cover the long distance from the estate to the workshop by bicycle and Bertram had gotten these conveyances ready. We set off for town and in minutes I was perspiring under the multiple layers of rubber, listening to its noises while I pedalled along in Lady Arlen’s wake.

I’d been waiting for this day to come with a sort of fearful anticipation, for she’d told me some three weeks previously that I was to be fitted with a new rubber corset. At that same time I would be dressed completely in a new rubber ‘Uniform’, which she insisted I might soon come to enjoy. The day after this pronouncement, I was summoned to her room and told to disrobe completely, then she and Bertram took a complete set of measurements of my body and limbs. I understood these were necessary, but they had even gone so far as to make a plaster mould of my head! When they finished, I dressed again and life proceeded as normal. The following three weeks seemed to take forever to pass, and suddenly I was on my way to get my new ensemble, wondering rather hazily, thanks to whatever was in the orange juice, what I was to be dressed in.

The idea of the corset was entrancing, although I wasn’t entirely sure about the ‘Uniform’ part of my new attire. I could barely wait to see what was to come, but asked myself how the return journey would be managed once I became enclosed in this newest undergarment. I soon forgot about it, though, feeling the broad tip of the saddle rubbing back and forth and from side to side in my crotch, and enjoying the pleasant feelings generated by the sensation of its friction against the many layers of rubber that protected me. At 18 years of age, I knew there were other sensual experiences waiting, for I’d enjoyed some small sexual explorations with one of the local young men and had made plans to continue my voyage of discovery with him at the earliest opportunity. Lady Arlen though, quickly discovered my wanderings and since then became far more conscientious about keeping me under a constant surveillance, thwarting my discoveries completely. Unfortunately, I never saw the young man again, and as with many his age, he obviously soon forgot our dalliances and found another more easily-approached girl.

After a sedate journey from the estate we arrived at last in front of the place of business of Mr. Eversham. Our garb, as usual, attracted stares of interest, for few of the people we passed along the way through town had seen any sort of rubber clothing at all, other than Macintosh raincoats. By that point though, I didn’t care about the stares that followed us down the street, for the potion she mixed into the juice was, by then, taking full effect. I felt slightly light-headed and was more conscious of the colours, smells and sounds surrounding me, as well as the wonderful sensations of my rubber coverings.

From the outside, the premises looked rather inconspicuous, having only a small show window containing some medicinal items and on the left side of that, a tall door. We parked our bicycles near by then when we entered, a clear, tinkling bell sounded when we closed the door of the shop and a young woman with long blond hair, perhaps 28 years of age, appeared a moment later. She’d been expecting us. I could not fail to notice that apart from a short, white nylon ‘lab’ coat, she was wearing little else save stockings and shoes. What was really arresting and irresistible to look at was her waist! I had never in my life seen such an incredibly narrow one as hers for the wide belt of her coat was pulled very tight and it was easy to make out that the span of three hands would be enough to encircle her middle. She smiled at me.

“Ah! So you have arrived! I’ve already heard a lot about you, Miss Chrystal. The manager, Mr. Eversham, is expecting you at the back in one of the dressing rooms. We’d best join him straight away.”

She lifted a flap in the counter top to enable us to walk through and as I approached, I noted that her coat was actually made of rubberised nylon and wondered how deeply she was into this rubber thing that Lady Arlen was also so enamoured of. Maybe she was the girlfriend or even the wife of Mr. Eversham? I felt something akin to jealousy rise within me, but other things quickly entered my head. After all, I thought I knew what was going to happen to me next. We entered the room to find a tall, imposing gentleman awaiting us.

“Good morning, Miss Chrystal!” he greeted me heartily then turned to my stepmother, “Lady Arlen! A pleasure to see you again as always!” He also wore a coat of the same material as that of the young woman, but his was considerable longer, lending him a doctor-like appearance.

“You have already met my assistant, Miss Johnson.” He smiled. “She is also the main artist in construction of the corsets and other appliances that have been created for you, Miss Chrystal, and we can hardly wait to see if their fit and affect upon you is what we all hope for!”

Ah! So, she was his colleague, and a maker of corsets! This explained her own so-tightly laced waist. Most probably, she tested her new creations on herself before selling them.

“Have you already prepared the young lady?” Mr. Eversham asked of Lady Arlen.

“No, I have done nothing other than to have her drink the relaxant, Mr. Eversham. Did you not tell me to leave all of that to you?”

“But, of course! I will enjoy the task, but wished to know if my work would be duplicated. Would you care to stay and watch while we proceed? It will be a while, however, before we can get started with Miss Chrystal’s actual dressing.”

“Oh, I know she will be in very good hands with you, Mr. Eversham. I shall make the best of the time while you are busy and complete a few errands here in town. It is so rare that I have time to walk around and rummage through the shops.”

“As you wish, Madame,” he said with a smile. “We shall certainly do our very best to look after young Miss Chrystal while she is in our care. You may rely upon it. I think we should be finished some time near two this afternoon, so please, do take your time and enjoy your meanderings and perhaps a pleasant luncheon also.”

‘Oh!’ I thought a little fuzzily, ‘This whole thing is going to be quite interesting! The preparation and fitting procedures will last until two this afternoon?’  Again, sweat began to form beneath my rubber garments and run down my thighs. Mr. Eversham looked towards me with a winning smile.

“Please do not worry yourself, Miss Chrystal. Although a lot of this will be new and unusual you will eventually get used to everything. Lady Arlen was kind enough to tell me much about you and I feel I know you quite well already.”

I turned crimson-faced. How much did he already know about me?

“Now, just follow me to the next room where we shall first get you prepared in peace and privacy. Then, we shall fit you with your new corset. After we have completed that, we will proceed to the fitting of your new rubber Uniform. You’ll find it to be quite … ah … interesting and a little restrictive at first, I’m sure. However, you will eventually become used to it, I think.”

I suppose I should have been worried by these words, but by that point, the potion had taken complete hold and I just thought his words amusing. Later I would not! He gestured toward the door to another room, then followed me within. It was windowless, but painted in a pleasant pale colour, which, together with the lighting, ensured it looked as bright as day. Once inside, I saw that in its centre stood a gynaecological examination chair and beside it a table covered with a rippling, thin white rubber sheet. Around the walls there were numerous shelves and cupboards; these stacked with dozens of cardboard boxes and a few small unpacked items. I saw with some nervousness that everywhere on the chair, sturdy straps and belts were strongly-attached, without doubt to be used in securing the occupant. I shivered with a dreadful delight, having already experienced some small measures of bondage at Lady Arlen’s and Bertram’s hands. On one of the shelves I saw several masks and rubber helmets, but was not completely sure, because these items bore only a passing resemblance to the gas masks already familiar to me. These appeared to be much heavier, possessing strange tubes and rubber sacks for what purpose I did not know at that time. The sight of this multitude of devices stimulated my already boiling fantasies to an incredible extent. Mr. Eversham spoke again while I stared around the room.

“Miss Johnson and I will leave while you remove all of your clothes, Miss Chrystal. Please use the shower cubicle and have a complete wash, for you need to be completely clean for everything to be properly fitted. There are plenty of wonderfully absorbent towels in the cupboard and feel free to use as many as you need,” he instructed.

“After that, please coat your legs and feet quite thoroughly with the cream in this jar, then immediately after put on the stockings you see here,” he said, pointing out a pair of gleaming black stockings draped across one of the counters. “When you’ve got them on, please follow the same procedure for your hands and arms, then put on the gloves you see beside the stockings. When you’re all done, just pop up into the chair and wait until we return in about 20 minutes.” He and Miss Johnson left the room closing the door behind them.

I did not hear the lock click closed keeping me an unknowing prisoner for I was by then inspecting the new stockings and gloves I was soon to wear. Both pairs were of rubber, as I had surmised, but appeared to be much thicker than those I currently wore. I shivered with anticipation, then undressed.



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