Death Orchid


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Death Orchid by Jane Brooke

A crime thriller. Two stunning females, one ex killer of a man, a serial Killer moving through the Lesbian, bi sexual, underground Sex and Scene clubs of Vegas.

LAS VEGAS, not THAT Vegas, the other fucking Vegas.

You’ve seen the glitzy commercials, super models frolicking around the pool at the Bellagio, young Metro Male, six pack abs doing swan dives into the swimming pool.

This novel is about the other Vegas, N. Vegas, a dangerous black hole of sexual depravity, acid etched freedom, consenting sex, crime, private sex clubs, BDSM, Bondage and liberating Scene Clubs, gay, straight, young, old, Goth, Punk, Hip hop kids. Also, lots of lawyers, sport stars, doctors, preachers, rich bi sexual divorcees, and cops, needing release for just a night trying to control the 24/7 mass death and carnage in the human wood chipper of humanity called N. Vegas.
There is always in any killing field, top predators, Alpha females and males.

One is Mandal, 27, bi sexual, a gorgeous tall blonde ex grifter, thief, whore, then at 25 a contract killer for the New Jersey Mafia. She murders a Mafia Don, six of his crew, stealing a million dollars, the drifts into Vegas, dissolving into a nether world of pain.

The other female, OBA, a stunning, 6ft 2, lesbian black Somali Female, ex soldier, killer, tribal, scars on her face, and lifetime side kick of a complicated man, artist, killer, super thief named Mal.

They all meet, merge, fall in love, move through the sex scene world as a vicious serial killer runs amok, killing the homeless ” and it just may be one of them. With the backdrop of a young beautiful female’s death, a vengeful Mafia Don’s daughter, a crazed ex childhood sitcom star and his lethal sexual deviance and hardcore sex, a burnt out homicide cop, here exposed is a hidden world of violence decadence and liberating sexual honesty in a world few human beings ever thought possible.

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