Property of the Marquis


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Property of the Marquis by Lizbeth Dusseau
Six months after her husband Erik’s death in a plane crash, the lovely Laney still wears the bracelet that he gave her before his death. With Property of the Marquis inscribed on the platinum band, the bracelet demands her willing sexual submission to those in the Marquis’ circle. With every touch of the shiny band, she’s reminded of the vacation three years before, when she and her friends Sandra and Elise were stranded on the deserted Marquis Island. Aided by the shocking Marquis’ Book of Pleasure, they were turned into sex slaves – bound, whipped, used and branded with their husbands’ marks.
For Laney and Erik, the bracelet became an extension of their Dom/sub relationship. Now haunted by that memory and determined to find the anonymous Marquis, Laney returns to Marquis Island. Not only does she steal the Book of Pleasure and the Marquis’ diary from the library, her guide, a seemingly humble fisherman, Alex Greenwood, turns into a formidable dominant, who knows a good deal more about the bracelet and Marquis than she first suspected.
Now, with a vague idea of the Marquis’ whereabouts, Laney travels to Paris for a run-in with a brusque and punishing bookseller. Then on a trip to Prague, the rule of the bracelet forces her to submit to a sexy couple on the train. In Prague, Laney is kidnapped, taken to a country house, where she’s interrogated and sexually tormented by the Marquis’ enemies. She’s drugged, beaten, exhibited, publicly fucked and arrested for prostitution. And still she’s no closer to finding the Marquis.
That is, until her theft of the Marquis’ books finally comes back to haunt her. Only when she’s punished for this crime will the man who owns her take charge of his property. Only then can she fulfill the promise she made to her husband when she first agreed to wear the band that would make her subject forever to the rules of masters. A suspenseful journey into the arcane and seductive world of masters and slaves and into the leather underground, where with every turn there are missteps to be made and much to atone for, much to which this wanting submissive must surrender.
Although this book reprises characters from Lizbeth’s novel, The Marquis’ Book of Pleasure, it stands alone as a unique and steamy journey into the psychological and sexual drama of this unique lifestyle. With graphic sex, S&M, bondage, whipping, anal, gangbangs, humiliation, interrogation, electrical play, piercing and coercion.

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