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Disappeared by S.J. Lewis
Sarah Holmes’ life is a mess. Her husband has blown through his trust fund. When he is cut off, he turns to working with vicious drug dealers to make money, and he can’t help skimming. Now the police and the drug dealers are after him and Sarah. In desperation, she turns to Mack, a man she had wronged terribly years ago, as her last hope. At first he refuses, simply giving her money so she can drink herself into a stupor. Regretting the decision, he sends someone to get her. Saved at the last minute from a mugging or worse, Sarah is bundled onto a van and driven away. She disappears.
She awakens to find herself at an isolated vacation home near a lake. She meets her roommate, a woman her own age named Belinda. Years of self-indulgence and drinking have left Sarah a doughy mess. Belinda whips her back into shape with regular exercise, and imposes discipline with housework and tending a vegetable garden. As Sarah grows fitter, she finds her libido returning with a vengeance, but the only person she’s in regular contact with is Belinda. Belinda is a dominant. She much prefers men, but eventually she can’t resist starting an F/f relationship with Sarah.
Mack visits at long intervals, warning Sarah that she will have to stay disappeared for two years before the people looking for her give up. When he visits, Belinda takes a sadistic pleasure in throwing Sarah at him for sex. Sarah discovers that her old lover now has strong dominant tendencies of his own, and is still angry with her for what she had done. She endures painful spankings and rough sex, but finds herself becoming strongly attracted to him.
How long can Sarah stay disappeared and will Mack ever forgive her?
Includes: Lesbian sex, oral sex, D/s, bondage, spanking, rough sex.

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