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Doctor’s Orders: A Novel of Erotic Investigation by Imelda Stark

When financial disaster forces the gorgeous blonde coed, Cindy Swanberg, to drop out of school, she’s left to fend for herself. She’s soon approached by an attractive older couple for a position in their medical office where Jim is the doctor and Jenna the nurse. Although Cindy loves the work, she’s curious about the strong sexual vibe between her employers, and wonders why the two disappear into a sound-proof treatment room every day at lunch. She screws up her courage to ask Jenna, and is told that the voluptuous brunette was disciplined for her bossy ways by having her brazenly feminine bottom bent and bared and soundly spanked, after which her hardy chastiser rewarded himself for his efforts by spending his semen between her chastised buttocks.

The young blonde declares her hopeless crush on both members of the couple, and her fervent interest in the kind of sex they fancy. She’s informed that they are also involved in a daily research project in which a bound naked submissive woman is subjected to carefully designed experiments. These are designed to elicit her responses to painful pleasures while being observed by a large WebCam audience paying a dollar a minute apiece for the privilege to participate as amateur observers. Cindy decides to enlist, and what ensues is a fascinating journey into the dark sexual realm where erotic pain and pleasure become indistinguishable from each other.

Activities include much maledom, exclusive femsub, a little femdom, lots of spanking and punishment of buttocks, thighs, breasts, and pussies, a lot of anal and a little enema play.

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It was true that every morning Jenna awoke to a trip to their palatial bathroom where she was administered an enema to render her back passage pleasantly accessible for her husband’s pleasure for the remainder of the day. In order to ensure that the warm soapy waters were properly agitated while she was retaining them, Jim would energetically apply the back of her ebony hairbrush to her splayed bottom cheeks with his right hand. His left encircled her narrow waist to allow his hand to sneak in between her legs and engage her G spot with his thumb while his long index finger encircled her clitoris. Her first orgasm of the day would signal the end of her spanking as well as her permission to evacuate the roiling fluids once he left her in privacy. Then they would share an hour’s hard workout in their home gym, followed by a vigorous shower together. During this playful mutual soaping Jenna was very likely to be bent over to take his very large cock in her very hungry cunt until she came a second time before he spent himself in her delightfully tight warmth. It was no wonder Cindy detected the sexual current between her bosses given how much of their energy routinely went in that direction.

Once his wife’s large firm ass was bent over the straight back of the small chair at the exam room desk, James wasted no time in raising her skirt and lowering her blood red panties. This revealed two large spherical buttocks without a trace of jiggle or cellulite, and which still bore a wholesome hint of rosiness upon their underlying ivory perfection as a reminder of their early morning entertainment. He felt them proprietarily and remarked,

“Still nicely pinked up…but our naughty girl has a lot to atone for after lusting after and stirring up our poor innocent admin…admit you fantasized about baring and beating that adorable little ass, Nurse Jenna or it’s going to go that much harder for a certain pair of bodacious bottom cheeks…”

“All right, Doctor, since you have me at such a disadvantage, I confess. In fact, in my nasty mind you and I have both had her in every possible way. So spank me as hard and long as you prescribe as the proper treatment for such a worrisome condition, Oh great and powerful Dr. J.”

He pondered a moment as his large strong hands idly stroked his wife’s equally robust ass, until he replied,

“Reach your trusty right hand between your legs, naughty girl, because you’re going to be spanked until you come, after which I’m going to fuck that well-chastised ass until you come again!”

This was exactly what Jenna was hoping to hear. She snuck her hand under the smooth round lath that formed the top rung of the chair back over which she was bent and found her clit. Then she felt the crisp inimitable smack of her husband’s favorite lightweight elm paddle, and knew her plush bottom was in for it. This was a comforting thought, and as the healing pain of her second spanking of the day began building, Jenna let her mind drift to what she planned to do as soon as possible with lovely innocent Cindy’s trim young buttocks and succulent blonde pussy. This accelerated the raven-haired beauty’s arousal such that barely two dozen spanks had fallen on each of her nether moons before her usual rollicking orgasm ended their trial.

Jim never wanted to pause much after completing a spanking of his wife. There was something deeply galvanizing in the way she took his punishment that left him avid to part her burning cheeks and pillage the secret passage they guarded (however ineffectively). So there was hardly a few seconds for Jenna to recover from her orgasm before she heard the sound of the Vaseline jar being opened and soon thereafter felt a generous fingerful of the lube being worked into her anus. Almost immediately this narrow intruder was replaced by a dauntingly large prepuce being nosed against that delicate gateway. And then the game they both knew so well transpired, as he delighted in making her scream at the challenge of dilating her back passage to accommodate his 8 inch monster of a cock.

“Oh, Doctor, it’s too big…please don’t make me take it in my poor bottom! It already hurts so much from spanking it so long and hard, please don’t punish my innocent bottom hole!”

He continued driving inward as he laughed at her faux-panicked plea, retorting,

“You’ll take it, all right, you very naughty girl! You’ll take every inch of it up your tight little ass until I come deep inside your bowels…but I won’t do that until you come, and in the meantime I’m going to fuck your well-spanked ass so hard that it makes you scream!”


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