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When Sarah Screamed – ebook


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When Sarah Screamed by Tobias Tanner
Sarah’s life is a wreck, fueled by self-loathing, a disastrous marriage, and a strong attraction to her ex-husband Fletcher. When she and Fletcher meet to discuss the fate of their broken down Porsche, he offers to fix the car, but only after she bends over the kitchen table and is soundly punished with his belt. Afterwards, she’s driven to her knees in humiliation and takes Fletcher’s cock deep down her throat. In the wake of these appalling acts, Sarah’s arousal sends her into a masturbating frenzy, and she only wants more.
The sexy clashes between the two continue, and over the course of a long weekend the pair explore deep-seated Dom/sub desires that were submerged during their marriage. Discussions about anal sex and slave talk stir feelings in Sarah she can no longer quash, while Fletcher’s dominant personality intensifies the more he takes charge of his troubled ex-wife. The sex between them is rough, the feelings raw and explosive. And though it’s not pretty and it’s not easy, Sarah’s submission it is exactly what she craves most. Soon, a clear picture will emerge for Sarah of a future without her husband and a life dominated by a man who intends to rule her even as he passionately loves her.
An intense, spirited and graphic tale of lust and passion. This engaging read includes a variety of sexual situations including bondage, tattoos, piercing and exhibitionism.

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