Downward Spiral


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Downward Spiral by Patrick Richards

What would happen if you walked into your house after work and found your wife with your secret stash of bondage gear? Oh, it wasn’t that much – a pair of handcuffs, a gag and blindfold, maybe a few coils of rope and a whip or paddle. One evening, when Tom Roberts arrives home to find that his wife Margo has discovered his secret stash of bondage gear ” his handcuffs dangling from her fingers ” he notes her sly little smile. She’s not mad or even upset, but rather intrigued by the thought of tying up her husband and playing some kinky games, hoping to spice up their sex life.
As she tries things out that night, she gets excited. Tom does too, even if he’s on the receiving end of the paddle. He’s read stories on the internet, and been sexually turned on by bondage and torture. He’s dreamt of being the slave to a woman. He’s wanted to be tied down, with all those brutal things done to him, and more. The more painful the better!

While he’s searched for a mistress online, nothing’s come of it. Other than a little self-bondage, his desires remain a deep, dark fetish in his mind. The idea of being a slave to a sadistic Mistress is only a dream. But now, with his wife in command, his kinky desires become a reality ” and his worst nightmare! He goes from having it all ” a thriving business, money and all the toys ” to wallowing around in the slop at the very bottom of the barrel. A wise man once said, “Be careful what you wish for, you may get it all.” Tom did and one hell of a lot more!

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During this time, my life spiraled deeper and deeper into slavery.  It seemed that every week I was losing more of my identity.  Margo took my wallet and all my credit cards, telling me that she would provide me with anything I needed.  Last week the lease was up on my Bmer.  We took it to the dealer and turned it in without getting a replacement.

That night I complained about it.  I was put in bondage and she used a cattle prod on me until I cut up my driver’s license.  Her philosophy was, if I didn’t have a car, I had no need for a license.

A week or so later she took me back to the tattoo shop and had the word “SLAVE” tattooed in inch high, capital letters across my pubic region just above the root of my cock.  It was done in bright red with a black outline.   She thought it was fitting.  At that time Brad pulled out the barbell and cleaned the horizontal hole in the head of my cock.  He was pleased.  Over two months had lapsed, and it was healing well.  Instead of putting the barbell back in, a special screw went through the side of the chastity cage, passing through my cock head and was threaded into the other side of the cage.  It took a special tool to install it, making my chastity rather permanent.   Margo told me it would only be removed when absolutely necessary.

Over the weekend Margo seemed to have a lot of things to do.  I spent much of the time in strict bondage often in the cage in the shed, keeping me out of her way.

On Monday, I showered to go to work.  But when I went to my closet, it was empty.  There was nothing there.  My dresser was the same way.

“Mistress, where are all my clothes?”

“While you were having all your fun for the last couple of days, we took them all to Good Will.”

“But, what will I wear?”

“Just what you have on.”

“But I’m naked.  How can I go to work with nothing to wear?”

“You aren’t going to work anymore, slave.”

“What do you mean, I’m not?”

“On Friday you sent a memo to everyone in the company.  It said something like, ‘As of this morning I am retiring from the company.  John, my brother-in-law, who is the present vice-president, will be promoted to president of the company, and my wife has been named the new CEO.  I have decided to move on and spend the rest of my life on other interests.  I wish you all well and hope you continue to enjoy your employment at Northern Cal Industries.  Thank you for your dedication to me and this company.’”

“You can’t do that.”

“I didn’t.  You did it,” she said, as she handed me a copy of the e-mail.

“But, what other interests am I going to pursue?”

“I guess being a proper slave.  That will occupy your time 24/7.  You won’t have time for anything else.”

I sat down on the bed and put my head in my hands.  Margo used that opportunity to put handcuffs on me.  I felt them, but I didn’t move.  I realized that I had no other choice at the time.

“Here,” she simply said, “put these on your ankles.”

I looked up and saw the leg irons hanging from her fingers.  Without any hesitation I did as she demanded.  As the locks clicked shut, I looked up at her.

“This is what you wanted, isn’t it?  You wanted me to be your Mistress.  Being my submissive slave was your idea.  I’m just fulfilling your deepest fantasy.”


Margo got home about five.  I poured her a glass of wine and served her dinner.

As she ate, she said, “On Wednesday we are meeting with my attorney.  There are some papers that you’ll need to sign.”

“What papers?”

“You will be relinquishing your ownership of the business and all other possessions.  Most are being placed in several trusts to avoid taxes.  Being my slave, you will not own anything.  All bank accounts, stocks and investments were previously in joint holdings, but your name will be removed from all of them.”


“There are no buts.  You wanted to live as my slave, and I’m merely making that happen.  As far as the world is concerned, you will no longer exist.  I will provide for your needs and make all decisions for you from now on.  As my slave you have no rights or privileges.  You will always follow my orders and obey my rules.  You are my property to do with as I please.  Is that understood, slave?”

Reluctantly, I agreed to avoid any further punishments.

“Good….  When we go to the attorney Wednesday morning, you will just do as you are told and never question anything.  If you do anything wrong, I will loan you to Charlie for a couple of weeks for some attitude adjustment and training.  I bet you’ll be more than willing to sign them after that.  Do you understand me completely?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Now, get me another glass of wine.”

On Wednesday morning we went downtown to the attorney’s office.  Again I was dressed in her short sweats and tee shirt.

I was surprised when her attorney came in.  I had serviced him several times during the past few months.  He was one of her occasional lovers.

“It’s good to see you again, slave.  I have quite a number of papers for you to sign today.  They will be notarized this afternoon and filed with the appropriate courts and departments before the close of business.  When we are done here this morning, you will own nothing.  I’ve made it so you’re net worth is zero.  You are giving up all rights to all of your worldly belongings.  Margo will own everything and even have control of all of the trusts.  Do you understand this?”

“Yes, Sir,” I said a little reluctantly.

The realization of where my life has gone started to sink in.  In a little while I would be absolutely penniless and be completely dependent upon her for everything.

“Sign here, slave,” he said, bringing me back from my thoughts.  “These next few papers are all connected to the business.  It will all be hers.”

After that series of papers, she got the house and all the property, including the cottage at the lake.  On and on it went.  The unsigned stack of papers slowly decreased, as the signed ones steadily grew.

Finally there was just one folder left.

“Now, everything you ever owned is Margo’s, but there’s just one more thing to take care of,” he said with a little smile.

He opened the final folder and slid it over to me.

“These are your divorce papers.  You will sign on each page where indicated.”

I was nearly speechless.  Slowly I looked up at her, but she wouldn’t look me directly in the eyes.  Finally I spoke.  “When this all began, you said this would never happen.  Why are you doing this?”

“Things change, Tom.”

“What’s next, Margo?  Are you going to throw me out or maybe even give me to Charles to use and abuse for his pleasure?”

“No… I will keep you as my slave and provide you a place to live.  Since you have given everything to me, I at least owe you that.  Besides, you’ll need a job in order to pay off your debt.”

“What debt?”

“In the divorce agreement you agree to pay me $250,000 a year in alimony.  You can work that off as my slave, if that’s okay with you.”

Then her attorney continued.  “Over the last few weeks, we have pretty much erased Thomas James Roberts from the world.  All of your identification documents have been destroyed.  Things like your birth certificate, licenses and pass port have all gone through the shredder.  You have no credit cards; in fact you have no credit.  That has been destroyed with all reporting agencies.  From this moment on you must accept the fact that you have nothing and you are nothing.   Your entire existence is totally in Margo’s hands.  You wanted to be her slave.  Well, you’ve got your wish.

“She will rule your life as she sees fit.  She can pimp you out to suck cocks on the corner or sell your ass to any gay guy who wants to use it for his pleasure.  She can even rent your worthless body to every sadist who wants something to torture and abuse.   Nothing is off the table.  You will do anything she wants without question.”

“Sign them now, slave,” Margo demanded.

Again I looked at her before picking up the pen and signing the remaining papers.  With nothing left I had no choice.

“Well,” her attorney said, “you might as well seal the deal and earn your first three dollars.  Suck me off slave and do it well.”

I looked at Margo with a tear in my eye.  She smiled and nodded in agreement.  Slowly I sank down to my knees.  I crawled around the desk and unzipped his pants.  I did my best to please him, by licking his cock and sucking it until he blew a load of cum in my mouth.  I swallowed it.

Margo laughed at the level I had sunk.  Before leaving the office, she cuffed my hands behind my back and put a collar around my neck.

With a dog leash clipped to a ring on my collar, she led me out of the most prestigious law office in the city.  Everyone stopped what they were doing and watched me being led from the Circassian walnut wood and glass walled offices.  Obviously no one had ever seen anything like this.  But when we got to her car, I realized how low I had sunk.  I figured I had finally reached the bottom.  Boy was that ever far from the truth.  Margo opened the trunk and told me to climb in.  After all, as a worthless slave I was no longer allowed to ride up front where people normally sit.

On the way home, she stopped off at Leather Bound.  I was dragged from the trunk and led inside.

“Lilly, I need a favor.”

“What’s that friend?”

“Bruce and I are flying to Aruba for ten days to celebrate.  I need you to keep my slave in your dungeon while we are gone.”

“That’s no problem.  What can I do to him while you’re away?”

“Anything you want.  You know how much he likes bondage and pain.  Just make sure he gets as much pleasure during his visit with you as I’ll have in the islands celebrating his demise.


“Yes, Tom Roberts died today.  He no longer exists.  I guess that’s his ultimate downfall.”

“So let’s take him downstairs and make him as uncomfortable as possible.  I’ve got a great idea how he can spend the rest of the day.”

When we got to her dungeon, the cuffs were removed so I could get undressed.  Lilly put a three foot spreader bar between my ankles and then grabbed my balls.  She closed a heavy metal band around them that had two small chains hanging from the sides.  Then she made me bend over so she could lock my wrists to my ankles.  Immediately, I knew this wasn’t going to be fun, but whenever she’s involved, it isn’t.

She reached between my legs from the back and grabbed hold of the chains and hooked them to the cable of the electric hoist.  When the remote was pushed, my balls were pulled back between my legs and stretched towards the ceiling, pulling me up on my tiptoes.

“That should do it for a while,” she said, “but I’ll come down every hour and whip his ass just to break up his monotony.”

“That sounds good.  Just make sure the asshole suffers.”


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