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Fevered Pursuits by Lance Edwards

A suspense adventure dominated by powerful women!

Scheming Kim has divorced her abusive husband for a justified payday. Finally, she can send for her true intended, an enraptured lad she’s groomed since school, to become her eventual slave-mate. Bobby is so eager to earn this honor that he’s agreed to join a gang of lesbian bikers on a cross-country “training’ trip to prepare him for his ultimate destiny. Yet the emasculating indignities these Devil Dykes delight in inflicting quickly become subsumed in far more deadly difficulties.

While a growing bond with one of the bikers threatens Bobby’s commitment to her, Kim’s castoff sends assassins to intercept them. From fleeing his home moments before it’s bombed to being gang-banged by the hundreds-strong gauntlet at a fiendish Satanic rally; from being pushed off a precipice to dosed with acid for an oily engine shop orgy, it seems that Bobby’s trials before arrival won’t climax until he is roasted over a slow fire for his owner ” or has escaped an even more inhuman fate.

This new offering from Lance Edwards features strong BDSM Femdom/male slave content, including extreme female worship, domestic service, humiliation, elaborate bondage, whips, collars, chastity, anal and oral sex. For readers ready to take their fantasy to the extremes.

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