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The Humbled, a Femdom Novel by Chris Bellows

Criminally minded degenerates had better beware! Especially if they are well-endowed. A facility beckons where men with large cocks are sought after and put to use for the enjoyment of wealthy libertines. In this fast paced, globe trotting story, women of wealth and power abduct and collect male toys. These luckless reprobates will not only provide viewing entertainment, they’ll be subjected to a grueling transformation at ‘the facility’, which provides various unique levels of psychological and physical training.
Drug dealer Roberto is one of many men who are tracked down by Misty, a woman of color with large breasts and a muscular body. Once abducted, he’s taken to a location far beneath the earth and subjected to a regimen of severe body modification, as well as mental and physical domination by a succession of formidable females. The program is carefully graded and Roberto begins at Level One, during which he’s confined in a casket with the sole task of maintaining an erection for his governess, Karen, and the other white-coated female staff. Roberto endures the lowering of his testicles, circumcision, and the lengthening of his tongue as he moves through the levels to level four. He, along with the other men at the facility, will be subjected to various acts of sodomy, enemas, and electric shock treatment, as he’s prepared for his ultimate fate.
Extreme body modification, torture, bondage, humiliation, mind control, sensory deprivation, oral service, and many novel forms of CBT all combine to indulge the Dominant female, with the added bonus of ridding society of men who are better off in service to the wealthy females who buy them.
Readers are introduced to a host of powerful women, along with the wretched thugs they take captive, each male deserving of the stiff sentence they’ve earned. The end is sure to horrify the feckless male reader, while the intrepid female reader will be thoroughly captivated. As with all Chris Bellows’ novels this should not be the reader’s first foray into D/s fiction.

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