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Forbidden Pleasures by Don Julian Winslow

To some people sex is sex; to some, sex is theater; to me, sex is opera.” Tiffany Clark as Renee, in Hot Dreams

In this collection of tales, whispered fantasies are snatched from the dark side of the internet and brought closer, allowing us to examine the many varieties of human sexual experiences. Inspired by the shocking riot of sexual encounters graphically depicted in cyberspace, each story is unique, seductive and sizzling hot! Included are the joyful exhibitionist and the happy voyeur (and aren’t we all voyeurs, after all?).

Those enamored with power games, with the thrill of ultimate surrender, with bondage of the body and the soul. The genial couple who would invite a sensual woman, or a strong man to their bed. Those with weakened defenses who can do nothing but consent to the awesome power of Eros. Those who are fascinated by the way a woman thrills to display herself, showing a body irresistible to the caress of an adoring hand. And those who are caught up in their own fantasies, those of such terrible power that they are threatened to be overwhelmed.
Stories include: She Who Must Be Obeyed, Trophy Wife, One Hot Mama, In the Service Industry, Taken Firmly in Hand, Ron, John & Me: A Wife’s Tale, Shelia Undone and many others. Features M/f, F/m, submission, spanking, discipline, punishment, exhibitionism, anal, threesome and sex toys.

From: Entertainment for a Rainy Afternoon”

The incessant handling of her breasts by the obviously appreciate male was heating her up. His warm hands were now moving, rubbing her chest in a deep languid massage. Actually, it took very little to arouse the passions of this healthy young woman, as Claire well knew. She also knew that Astrid’s hot button was being made to feel helpless during sex. Undoubtedly that is why she sent Astrid out on this call. Being held helpless like this, blindfolded so that she would never know what might happen to her next, while a man with wonderful hands fondled her breasts so lovingly ” she was definitely being turned on. With her warm moist breasts under Pickering’s caressing hands, Astrid gave herself up to the warm waves of pleasure that coursed through her body, melting as the slow hands kept fondling her sensitive breasts.

Don Julian Winslow is an internationally best-selling writer, with some 20 books of erotic fiction to his credit including: Agents in Harm’s Way, Slave Girls of Rome, Secrets of Cheatem Manor, The Mistress of Rosedale and The Blue Butterfly. Hollis Compton, critic for New Age Publications, has called Don Winslow “the Maxfield Parrish of erotic fiction.”

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As she lay there, her face buried in the seat cushion of the couch, her body draped across those close-set nyloned knees, Shelia felt the first niggling rise of excitement.  In seconds, she had become so agitated she simply couldn’t hold herself still.  The frantic wiggling of her hips was the direct result of the adroit manipulations of the woman in whose lap she lay.  For the dominatrix she called “Madam” was, at that moment, stimulating her…between the legs, playing with Shelia’s gaping vagina.  When she saw the helpless squirming of those naked hips in her lap, a smile of thin-lipped amusement altered the otherwise stern features of the seated dominant.

An astute observer might also have noted a momentary softening of Nadine’s hard black eyes as she smiled down with uncharacteristic benevolence on the plump mounds placed so conveniently before her: Shelia Goode’s pert behind; so perfectly shaped, so splendidly naked, so totally vulnerable.  It made her mouth water.

“Oh, yes.” Shelia heard the breathy sigh of satisfaction as the working fingers abruptly electrified her, causing her to suck in a shivering gasp of air, sending her writhing uncontrollably, like a newly-landed fish on the hook. “Such a cute little rump you have, My Pretty.”

A claw of taloned fingers dug into the pillowy softness in a warning of hurt, then lightly raked up and over an upturned mound.

“Yes. That’s right.  Go on.  Shake it.  Wiggle it for me, my Pretty.”

Shelia, laying with eyes closed, warmed to the compliment; felt the rush of deep-seated arousal flood over her.  She squirmed some more; her hips writhing in sensuous display.

Now the teasing hand was back in her opened crotch, gently coaxing her moistened thighs even further apart, opening Shelia’s yielding legs even wider, till one leg slid down off the lap to dangle loosely, eagerly inviting those inquisitive fingers to enjoy even greater access to the girl’s most intimate places.  Following up on her sudden advantage, the dominant sent her nimble fingers probing even deeper, ruthlessly working over her pet, toying with her rubbery labia, fingering the damp slippery folds of flesh.

An exploring finger sallied forth, insinuated itself between the slick lips, wiggled its way upward, searched for and then found — the hooded clitoris. The fingertip played across that hardened love pearl with practiced virtuosity, sending rippling thrills through the girl with its delicate, fluttery touch.  Shelia’s moan was a piteous cry; a low wavering plea to be allowed surrender.

Now Madam Nadine, caught up in the grip of her own rising passion, began a slow, deliberate masturbation of her pet, toying with the girl’s moistened cunt, tugging gently on the engorged lips, rubbing, sampling, probing, and then inserting, first one stiffened finger, and then two, right up into Shelia’s hot, wet, twisting core.

The excited blonde jacked up, grunting at the abrupt penetration; her lusty reaction spurred her Mistress on.  She jiggled her wrist, thrusting the two joined fingers in and out of the gaping vagina in a sudden flurry of frenzied passion.  Instantly, Sheila was moving in response, riding the hand that was jammed in her crotch, clenching her thighs tight, and humping that pleasuring hand like a bitch in heat.  She began emitting tight-lip whimpers as her pumping loins met each pistoning thrust.

And when Nadine withdrew her hand from Shelia’s hot crotch, she paused to examine her fingers; wet and glistening.  She brought them to her nose; inhaled deeply, drinking in the heady scent of the other woman’s arousal.

Quite deliberately, she reached down and brought her curved fingers, still redolent of pussy, up to the lips of the panting girl in her lap, rubbing them lavishly over lips and nose and chin, forcing the submissive blonde to inhale, to drink in the smell of her own pussy juices.

“See how nice you smell, Pretty, Pretty.  A tangy flavor, with just a hint of something….uh, butterscotch, I think.  Here.  Take a good whiff.”

Shelia twisted, instinctively recoiling from the smothering hand that wrapped her face, but Nadine’s other hand came down to the small of her back to pin her in place, as the sticky fingers returned to grip her mouth.

“No, no!” her Mistress warned sharply.  “You must lick them.  Go on, lick my fingers clean!” the high voice rang out in imperious command.

Shelia flushed with a wave of humiliation as an acute awareness of her position cut through her like an erotic knife.  Here she was, half-naked, stretched out over the lap of the black-suited woman, like a pet cat, dutifully licking at the lewd offering she was given — proffered fingers impregnated with her own love juices.

She heard Nadine’s deep-throated purr of satisfaction.  “Yessss…that’s right.  Now suck them.  Suck my fingers you little whore!”


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