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The Bad Wife: In Charge by Taz Montoya

Ian has never really been the master of his own house and he’s certainly never been in control when it comes to the bedroom. His wife Laura lives by the principle that all a good husband needs is the right attitude, some strict training and a sturdy set of kneepads. The recent arrival of a newborn baby has pushed Ian still further down the pecking order. Even their hot lesbian nanny outranks him.

Now the office, Ian’s only remaining safe refuge, is about to be taken over too. Laura has slept her way into a top job at the same company and so, there’s nowhere left for him to hide from her demands, torments and erotic humiliations.

His wife quickly turns the rest of the management and staff into her willing sexual finger puppets. Laura is also acting as confessor and mentor to her new devotee Melanie and her poorly performing husband.

Ian’s productivity begins to suffer as a result of all these new distractions and he finds himself manipulated and abused by Security, HR, the office cleaner and his own secretary. Unfortunately, Laura does not believe in equal opportunities in the workplace and adopts ever more extreme measures to ensure that Ian only performs according to her specific orders.

Female domination, cuckolding, forced exhibitionism, male and female submission, lesbianism, anal abuse, spanking, bondage, role play, feminization, anal fisting, CBT, BDSM.

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She pulled her fingers from her cunt with a wet sound and sucked on them gently. “If you can guess how many cum-loads I have in here, we’ll do anything you want for the rest of the night. Anything.” She raised her eyebrows to emphasise her offer and slid her fingers back into her pussy. “If you get it wrong, we’ll do what I want. Deal?”

It was obviously not a fair bet. Ian had to be spot on with his guess to win, while any other outcome was in her favour. He did not point this out, of course. Instead he opened his mouth as she offered him her cum covered fingers to taste. Next, she took his hand, guiding it between her legs. All four of Ian’s fingers slipped effortlessly inside.

“Go on baby,” she purred. “Feel around. Get right in there. Real deep.”

Ian swirled and stroked, not because he thought it would help with the estimating process, but because he hoped Laura would enjoy the sensation and not be too harsh when he guessed wrong. And because she continued to stroke him the whole time.

“Well I know you have five direct reports, plus there were two interns. I expect some of them were young enough to manage a second round. Let’s say…” Ian pulled a face as if performing a complex mental calculation, “ten?”

Laura laughed and stroked a little harder, bringing him to full attention. “Oh sweetie, you underestimate me. I invited the boys from Paul’s team to join us, so I win!” She pulled his hand from her pussy, up to her mouth and sucked each of his four fingers, which were now coated with her juices and various men’s cum, telling him their names as she went. “There was Roger. Will. Paul. Todd.”

She pressed his hand back inside her pussy.

“Harris. Cooper. Oh and Mustafa. He’s such a big boy. My poor bum hole is wrecked.”

Laura extracted his hand and pushed him back on the bed.

“Now I’m going to give your eager little cock a lovely cum bath!” She giggled and straddled him, impaling herself in one smooth move. At the same time she pressed his fingers into his own mouth, still recounting her list of names, as if reeling off the ingredients of his impromptu snack.

“How do you like being marinated in other men’s jizz, baby?”

Ian groaned at the sensation of Laura’s hot pussy grinding on his crotch and the cum-slick leaking slowly out, matting his pubic hair and running down over his balls. Her movements grew more urgent and intense. She took hold of his nipples and pulled.

“Come on you bastard, fuck me like you mean it,” she growled.

Ian arched in pain, driving deeper into Laura’s flooded cunt.

“Here it comes baby, here it comes!” She rode him hard and then reached back at the vital moment to wrench the butt plug from her own ass. Laura moaned and writhed, her eyes tight shut. A stream of her work mates’ semen flowed from her uncorked rectum, drowning Ian’s gonads and filling his butt crack.

As she ground her way through the final spasms of her orgasm, Laura opened her eyes and grinned. She pressed the butt plug to Ian’s lips and forced it into his mouth. “What would all those horny men say if they could see you now?” she murmured, and reached back to rub his cum-glazed asshole, her fingers dipping inside, lubricated by their coating of hot sperm. “Imagine them seeing you licking their salty sperm off your fingers, swallowing it all down, and now your ass is full of it too, you dirty boy.”

Laura probed deeper and Ian gasped.

“I want you to cum now, while you’re laying there wallowing in their juices, like a freshly gang-banged whore. Tell me you’re my little slut!”


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