Hog-Tied & Electrified


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Hog-Tied & Electrified by Lance Edwards

Another hard-hitting, no-holds-barred collection of Slut-Boy Stories, as beautiful, buxom, power-hungry females seduce and subject their willing or not-so-willing boyfriends, husbands, clients and lovers.

The collection begins… Uninterested in conventional sex, a raven haired bombshell keeps her hubby locked in a chastity belt, and after some rough anal, forces him to watch hog-tied as she masturbates in a cruel Bathtub Torment. She may be just a college freshman, but Jenae knows how to torment her high-school sweetheart with everything from pain, hot wax, cigarettes, ice, Atomic balm, electroshock and more, as her dutiful boyfriend faces Dorm Room Doom. Then Janae returns with her soccer pal, Trisha, in Dorm Room Done, where in an act of revenge, she wakes her boyfriend in the middle of the night for a torturous enema and a double fuck. And in Bought And Paid For, a turned-on needy male gets his fondest wish when he throws a party for three high-flying femmes, giving them the right to torture him all night long – any way they want! Better beCareful What You Wish For… this submissive male learns a hard lesson, when he asks his hot-looking nurse Linda for sex – turns out she’s a hard-core dominant, who’s more than happy to show him some fun with bondage, whipping, hard anal and electroshock. Then it’s a Honeymoon Horror, when Corey’s new bride gives him a surprise he never expected. Seems there can be only ‘one’ cock in this marriage… now Corey can expect a lifetime of service, denial, arousal and frustration at this hands of the devious beauty. It’s an extreme regime, an Automated Agony of fists, whips, shock and anal torture, when this sub male’s wife sends him to an institute that specialized in his freaky desires. Then finally, Girls Will Be Girls, when 18 year olds Alyssa and Briana gang-up on a helpless – but willing – male, with plans to torture, feminize and enslave him as their own personal Slut-boy.

All the hot, outrageous erotic turn-ons you’ve come to expect from Slut-Boy stories. In addition to the kinks mentioned, you’ll find branding, CBT, body modification, water sports, multiple partners, creative bondage and suspension. Not for the timid reader!

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