Innocence In Chains


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Innocence In Chains, Lesbian BDSM by Paul Moore

When the weekly discussion group turns to the topic of sexual fantasies, Tam shocks them all by confessing her dark visions of captivity and torture. Intrigued, Jana seduces Tam and promises to help her explore these desires. She doesn’t realize that the games they play will only whet Tam’s appetite, or that her growing love for Tam will make dominating her increasingly difficult.

Reluctantly, Jana allows Tam to submit to two vicious lesbians, who take her deep into the slave experience with bondage, sexual torture, humiliation, and cruel mind games. Instead of returning her to Jana, they ship Tam off to “The Clinic”, where women are trained and sold.

Spanking, whipping, female bisexuality and extreme anal discipline abound. For those who enjoy the extremes of Fem/fem sexuality.

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Shirley was locked into a pillory. She had been bent over and her wrists and neck yoked into a wooden upright. Her legs were splayed wide and chained to the floor. When she saw Shirley in this cruel device, her back an arch that would soon grow painful, Jennifer’s resolve wavered for the first time. Her first instinct was sympathy for the victim. She wanted to excuse herself, take her guilt, and go home. Demon desire stayed her. Shirley’s hairless nudity was grotesquely erotic, and the music of her screams was seductive.

Uli had stripped for action, and wore nothing but knee high leather boots and a fierce smile. She glowed with a sheen of sweat as she moved with savage grace. Jennifer was entranced, watching the roll and ripple of those corded arms as the tawse whirred and snapped. She was like a prime specimen of some new androgynous species.

Uli offered Jennifer the strap, which she took without hesitation. Uli had already laid down a double row of stripes. The cheeks and thighs confronting Jennifer were so well covered that she could find no virgin territory. If Shirley had been hoping that inexperience or pity would make Jennifer go easy on her, she was soon disappointed. Jennifer slashed at her with enthusiasm, and quickly discovered which spots were most tender. Jennifer was far into a world of red lust when Uli stopped her.

“Take a break,” said Uli, “there is something else I want you to try.”

Following Uli’s direction, Jennifer stripped and stepped into a dildo harness. Uli showed her how to buckle it on. The fat pink spear bobbing between her legs made Jennifer feel powerful and male. Uli greased it for her, and Jennifer was struck with the absurd notion that the woman was jerking her off. She was acutely aware of Uli hulking over her. She glanced up at the woman suddenly, conscious of the dew on Uli’s shaved temples, the pleasant musk of her sweat, the network of arteries in her lean arms, where her pulse was like a drum. Jennifer knew a moment of frightening intimacy, staring into Uli’s one good eye and seeing the furnace behind it.

Uli seemed to know her thoughts and grinned. “You think this is some odd seduction,” she whispered. “Don’t worry, I don’t want your body, just your soul.”

Flustered, Jennifer laughed nervously, then cut it short when she realized that she laughed alone.

“Have you ever fucked a girl up the ass?” asked Uli.

“No, I,” Jennifer blushed. “This is new to me.”

“Just so you won’t get bored,” said Uli, “there is a vibrator in the harness. It rides right on top of your clit.” She flipped a switch mounted on the belt, and Jennifer gasped at the humming tickle. “Oh wow!”

“Every time you push, the vibrator will press against you. The harder you fuck her, the better you feel. Don’t hold back.”


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