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Isabel/Sonia by Justine Johns

?Well? I?ve always had bit of a secret yen to strip??

?I know a stripper who might allow you to join her on the stage.?

“Oh no. It?s unthinkable, really. Suppose someone who knows me saw me??

?I could help there too. I know a make-up artist who could disguise your face to be unrecognisable.?

Isabel looked at him. He looked back?.

With her face disguised by a famous makeup artist, and three months off from her normal life, Isabel plans to make her private fantasies come true. Once she discovered that her fianc? was two-timing her ? no, multi-timing her ? she blew a fuse ? not just one, but all of them! In the aftermath of betrayal, a meeting with a mysterious man, and a night of passion beyond imagination, leads to three months as the astonishing ?Sonia Tansey?. As Sonia, Isabel strips in London nightclubs, attends orgies, poses for men?s magazines, directs spanking parties and takes a girl lover called Lucy. Some days, she?s still Isabel, same reserved, quiet, model of decorum Isabel, the girl she?s always been. She likes both lives. But when she meets Travis. big problems arise! Not only does she meet him as the respectable Isabel, the girl he wants for a true romance, she meets him as alter-ego Sonia. In Sonia he finds a celebrity wild girl he hooks up with for uninhibited sessions behind Isabel?s back, or so he thinks. Meanwhile, there?s something very mysterious about her lover Lucy? An Erotic Romance with Male/fem, Fem/fem, exhibitionism, spanking, caning, threesomes, and group sex.

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