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Katerina in Charge – ebook



Katerina In Charge by Don Julian Winslow

Skylar Elliot is a Silicon Valley millionaire who’s sold his company, now enjoying a life dedicated to pleasures of the flesh. His companion on the road to sexual excess is the coldly remote Katerina Lattimore, a striking older woman, whose own peculiar sexual tastes seem insatiable. The two cross paths with Crissy, a working girl, and her friend Margo, at a party in Beverly Hills. Young Crissy, a fun-loving California blonde, is instantly smitten by the boyish good looks of the millionaire, although puzzled by his strange attachment to the older woman.

She wangles an introduction, and is ecstatic when Skyler invites her to his luxurious retreat in the California Hills. There, Crissy is drawn into their life of sheer indulgence, exploring her own darker side, including perversions that she once would have never admitted. Eventually, Margot is drawn into the web, reveling in sensual delight. Meanwhile, the Female Dominatrix, Katerina, is forced to confront her submissive side at the hands of a Latin lover in an orgy of public display.

A story of seduction, submission, and voyeurism in an affluent world of hedonists with an appetite for the bizarre; men and women driven to the outer fringe of human sexuality. M/f, F/fm, spanking, bondage, punishment, exhibitionism and sex toys.

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The two girls sat observing the crowd below.  The young blonde in the  narrow blue dress, visibly straightened when the door opened to admit newcomers.

“Ummmm..who is that?” Crissy asked, lifting a little finger towards a severe-looking brunette with rangy shoulders, her tall lean figure clad in a sharply tailored black pin-striped suit complete with boutonnière.

“That’s Katerina…Katerina Lattimore..a photographer, does work for fashion magazines.”

Crissy couldn’t help admiring the way the perfectly-poised woman moved; close-cropped black hair, thickly gelled, slicked back and stylish. The pretty blonde had to admit there was something about the lanky woman. She was striking, people noticed her the minute she walked into the room.  She had that certain savoire-fare, holding herself erect and proud.  Katerina Lattimore had a kind of indefinable sophistication that, for all of her 23 years, Crissy knew, with a sigh, she could not hope to match.



“Let me go!”  the frantic blonde shrieked, yelping a desperate plea, stretching up on her toes and arching back against the hard woman who had forced her arm up an extra notch.  The searing ache of added pain was a warning — she’d be wise to cease her fruitless struggle.

“Hold still, you little whore,” Katerina hissed in her ear, “You’re going to get what you deserve.”

“No…please,” she cried plaintively, through teeth clenched against the pain.

Sky explained.”You see Chrissy, Katerina is quite insistent once she makes up her mind, you know.  She says you should be punished for being such a bad girl.”  He tissked, the pause to let that sink in, a thin smile playing along the edges of his lips.  And then: “And I’m afraid I must agree with her,” he added in mock defeat. Not much we can do once Katerina here has made up her mind. Now come to Daddy, over my lap”

“No, let me goooo!!!”

“Humm…You just don’t understand do you?  See, here’s the thing Crissy.  Kat thinks you should be spanked; and I.  agree.  And so before you get out of here, you’re going to get a spanking, one way or the other,” he sighed.  “The only question is: are you going to come over here and lay down over Daddy’s lap, like a good little girl, or does Kat here have to persuade you?  Kat can be very persuasive you know?” the woman behind her tightened her menacing grip.

Crissy shrunk back against the lean hardness of the taller woman, her clear, frightened eyes widening in disbelief.  She could only shake her head, shocked speechless by the outrageous words she was hearing!

“But why do you want to…sp..spank me?” she managed to sputter out in an incredulous tone.

Sky looked up at the distraught girl, his eyes thoughtful, reflective.  At last, he nodded.

“Because that ass of yours is just so damned cute, irrestable — simply cries out for spanking. Come now, what’s so terrible about a little spanking? ” He was reasoning with her, as though he were talking to a child.

” He was reasoning with her, as though he were talking to a child.  “Are you going to tell me that no boyfriend ever took a swat at that sexy butt you were waving in his face? ”

Crissy stood with eyes downcast, and silently, she shook her head.

“Well, then…you’re in for a treat.”

“Noooooo!”  Crissy moaned a desperate plea, as Katerina renewed her grip and propelled the blond girl forward, shoving her so hard she stumbled down to land over the seated man’s lap.

Now the agitated girl was growing more desperate, flailing her limbs wildly in a mighty effort to get up.  She twisted and turned, legs dangling down one side, inverted head over the other; her hair falling forward to partially shield her face.  And through the veil of those hanging blond tresses, she saw those high-heeled boots take a step closer.  A hand pressed down on the small of her back, decisively pinning her in place as she flopped and wriggled helplessly across the man’s spread thighs.

“Unngh!  You’re crazy!….Let me goooo!”


“Yeeeech,” the frantic girl shrieked as she felt the impact of the punishing hand that came down to deliver a solid smack to her skirted behind. Her butt clenched and she whimpered, as with extra effort the anxious girl forced herself to lay still, body held rigidly tense.

“No…noooo, please.”

“Stop that sniveling,” Katerina snapped.  She leaned over to purr in Crissy’s ear: “Looks like Barbi Doll’s been a naughty little girl.  Too bad.  Daddy’s gonna have to spank our princesses’ precious little bottom to teach her a lesson.”

Crissy disheveled dress had ridden up in her struggles so that the seated man had only to elevate her loins a bit by raising his knees.  Then he could reach between them and free the material, to continue working dress all the way up over her hips.  She felt her behind being uncovered as the hem was drawn up the back of her stockinged legs, her panties being exposed.  The full truth of her situation hit her like a ton of bricks —  she was in the hands of  a couple of sex-crazed perverts!  And now she was about to be spanked!…like a little girl!… while that bitch got her jollies by watching the whole thing!

The outrageous thought was interrupted by a second jarring whack, as the cupped hand smacked the seat of her panties.


At the sudden impact of the big cupped hand that smacked her behind, the blond girl yelped, her body recoiled, shoulders jacking up, legs shooting out behind. He waited till her body became limp once again lying over his lap.  Then he cupped and held her little cheeks with both hands, sliding the slippery panties all over her twin mounds.  When he began again, it was alternating rhythm, smacking one side then the other, hard crisp smacks that had the girl yelping after each slap. She wriggled helplessly in his lap; a hand shot back to protect her vulnerable rearend, but he quickly grabbed her wrist and held it tight, while his right hand continued its methodical slapping.


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