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Lizbeth’s Spanking Westerns by Lizbeth Dusseau

Lacy Dalton loves her bottom spanked, but only on her terms. She tries to control when and where her dutiful fiancé spanks her, just as she tries to control everything at Skylark Ranch. However, when the new ranch foreman, Travis Wills, arrives, the headstrong heroine’s well-ordered life is suddenly turned up side down. Lacy and this handsome but “rough around the edges” cowboy are destined to clash. For Travis, spanking this vixen’s bare behind is the answer to her defiant temper. But to their surprise, when the war between them heats up, the spanking turns erotic. There might just be more to this tempestuous relationship than either of the counted on! Hot spanking, as well as light, leather bondage and steamy sexual interludes.
A high-spirited western saga of old-fashioned domestic discipline. Becoming the guardian of the tempestuous Lottie Desmond, just rescued from the savage wilds, Samuel Remington’s peaceful Great Bear Ranch is turned on end. Even his bashful housekeeper, Amelia, becomes rebellious when the fractious Lottie goes on the warpath. And when his conniving daughter, Johanna, returns home from boarding school in the East, the battle of the Remington ladies only gets more heated. Returning to a time-honored brand of discipline, all three learn the harsh price to be paid for their temper tantrums and their misbehavior. Samuel is quick to give their fair behinds the blistering punishment they deserve. Includes stern reprimands, scorching trips to the woodshed, canes, paddles, straps, and blushing bare bottoms in this old west romance of war and justice.
COWGIRLS & ANGELS, Spanking Short Stories
Cowgirls are sassy brats with sharp tongues and nasty manners. Angels are what they become with stern man to control them. The Urban Cowgirl gets her comeuppance when she tries to take over Rory?s ailing ranch. A 19th century Madame, Kiley, gets tamed by an outlaw in Desperado, and Dusty’s Revenge backfires when Ty Holbrook turns the tables on her and gives her a brisk bare-bottomed punishment. In The Confessions of a Sassy Wife, Blair’s whirlwind marriage takes some interesting twists when her new husband gets fed up with her reckless behavior. Then, country singer, Brandy Winger, is a sad Shooting Star who needs the firm control of a loving man to pull her out of her blues. Finally, The Incident In The Cellar brings a wayward young wife home to face the fierce discipline she’s put off far too long.
Discipline, hot and hard! The beautiful but bitchy stable owner, Amanda, learns harsh lessons going over the lap of her business partner and all-around cowboy, Jake. There’s no way he’ll let this nasty schemer get her way. But as Amanda struggles to hang on to her precious Birch Valley Stables, she can’t stop misbehaving. She earns her red-hot bottom, even as her romantic fires burn for the man she should despise. Add to this spicy story the exuberant Cissy getting punished for her reckless behavior by the County Sheriff Garth; and the innocent Midge, when her boyfriend, the no-nonsense Hank, imposes his firm spanking discipline on the innocent beauty. Courthouse discipline, anal sex and brine-soaked birches give this high-spirited spanking novel crackling intensity to ignite the reader’s spanking passions.
The misadventures of 17-year-old Abigail begin when this 19th century brat marries Aaron Barrow to escape her father’s rough discipline. But poor Abigail gets quite a surprise when her new husband turns out to be as wicked with the razor strap as her father. When her mischievous friend, Darcy, shows up, it means more trouble for Abby. Soon, she’s facing punishment for lying, stealing and getting drunk, taking her licks from the no-nonsense man who loves her. From the ruthless punishment of a stern father, to fiery domestic discipline between husband and wife to tender spankings between lovers, this novel is an adventure in spanking no spanking fan will want to miss!

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