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How to Adore an Older Woman – Audio Book


How to Adore an Older Woman by M J Rennie

How to Adore an Older Woman is a pair of short novels that explore a richly sensual relationship between a dynamic, dominant woman and a much younger submissive man.

In Minding Margery, Kenneth White has turned eighteen years old–a sheltered, handsome youth with remarkable sexual stamina. Previously home-schooled, Ken is about to enter the local community college. During adolescence, he had become enamored with his mother’s lesbian spouse, Margery DeGrange, a beautiful woman fourteen years his senior. To keep him safe from the clutches of immoral young college girls, Margery initiates, to his delight and with his mother’s consent, a program of supervised sexual relief, masturbating Ken daily.

But upon his mother’s death, Margery moves out of the household, and Ken falls into a dangerous downward spiral, arrested only when she returns to him as a specially appointed guardian. Soon Margery revives her program of sexual relief, now combined with a strict regimen of corrective discipline, intended to make Ken ideal husband material.

In Gratifying Gretchen, Kenneth, now forty-one, drifts into the hands of the older and dominant Gretchen Brantwell, a professional masseuse who immediately recognizes Ken’s submissive nature. Once as Gretchen’s control over Ken is firmly established, she begins distributing his sexual services to other older women who share her female supremacist viewpoint and modern neo-pagan religious faith.

How to Adore an Older Woman is finely crafted erotic fiction that celebrates and reveres the ripe, mature bodies of seasoned, sophisticated women.

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“Tell me the truth, Kenneth,” Margery said, “were you playing with yourself in here this morning?”

Ken’s mouth fell open in alarm.

“No,” he lied.

Margery raised her clipped blond eyebrows, obviously doubting his truthfulness. She put her left hand on her hip.

“Your mother asked me to supervise you this morning, to make sure you are properly settled before you leave for school.”

“Properly settled?” Ken said. “What do you mean by that, Aunt Margery?”

Margery laughed merrily. “You’re going to need regular sexual relief because you are going to be around young girls at college, Kenneth. Young girls. They can be tremendously promiscuous.”

“Shoot, I don’t go in much for girls,” Ken said, bravely. “I try to avoid them.”

Margery sighed. “Kenneth, it is one thing for you to be at home with us, your mother and myself, where we can keep an eye on you. It is an entirely different matter for you to go out in the world, exposed to heaven knows what. Your mother is concerned that you might end up in the clutches of some slutty college girl with low morals and substandard personal hygiene. It’s been known to happen to sheltered young fellows like yourself.”

“But Aunt Margery,” Ken said, “must I masturbate right now, in front of you?”

“Really Kenneth,” Margery said impatiently, “why do you think I’m dressed like this? I’m here to help you. Now turn around and face the sink.”

Because he was accustomed to being told what to do, by a woman particularly, Ken did as Margery said. As he faced the sink, Margery moved behind him, still holding his penis. Her left hand went between his legs from behind, cupping and confining his testicles.

“It isn’t morally right for a boy’s mother to handle him in this manner,” Margery said, as she caressed his genitals. “Under our state’s laws, consenting adults, meaning anyone eighteen or older, are free to have sexual relations with each other. Of course, you may not marry anyone who is directly related to you in your primary family. The taboo forbidding incest is strong, and exists for good reasons. Many an idiot has been born of incest. You are very fortunate, my dear Kenneth, to have a woman in the home who can skillfully relieve your burgeoning sexual desires.”

Margery tightly gripped his penis, bringing it over the sink. Slowly, she ran her sharp red fingernails up and down its length, a caress that sent Ken’s pleasure sensors plunging headlong into the red zone.

“Oh, Aunt Margery!” Ken said. “Ooouuuuhh!”

Margery deftly retracted the foreskin, revealing the red, bulging head, corona, and frenum. Ken’s organ reared up like a bucking bronco, the knob at top as big and shiny as a Yakima Valley plum.

“Your big stiffy is quite attractive, Kenneth,” Margery said, releasing him momentarily. She smeared a dollop of lubricant on her hands before taking hold of him again. “You’ll make some lucky woman an excellent husband.”

The motion of the lotion on his penis was thrilling. Ken tried to say something, but no words came out. Margery quickly finished slathering him with a fragrant lube gel and again began fondling him with her strong right hand.

“Into the sink, Kenneth,” Margery said. “I want you to ejaculate. Let’s see you expel those male juices you’ve got stored up inside you.”

Ken thrust his pelvis in a rhythm matching the caress of Margery’s strong, long‑fingered hand. Her brightly painted red nails slid up and down, up and down, as Ken’s mouth went slack and his eyes closed in absolute rapture.

“Oooooooh…” Ken emitted a long, blissful groan.

As his climax neared, Margery forced Ken’s legs apart, sending the well‑lubed middle finger of her left hand into his rectum. Ken’s body jerked as her middle digit wormed inside, pressing his prostate gland.

An electro‑chemical reaction similar to lightning ripped through Ken’s neural pathways. His brain went suddenly aflame in a burst of energy so blinding it seemed to blot out everything in existence except for Margery’s hands and his upright cock.

“AAAHHH!” Ken screamed. “UUUAAHH!”

Semen spurted from Ken’s penis with explosive force, firing over the sink to spatter the bathroom mirror, a full eighteen inches away. Still another voluminous spurt was followed by a series of lesser spurts, until it all slowly tailed off. Ken whimpered mindlessly as Margery pinched, pulled, tugged and squeezed, milking every seminal strand from his virile young glands.

When it was over, she released Ken’s shrinking organ and withdrew her finger from his bottom with a pop. After washing her hands, she patted him on the rump, kissed his forehead tenderly, and said:

“That’s a good boy, Kenneth. We’re going to do this every morning before school. I’ve always been bi-sexual, and you can see I know what I’m doing. You’ll like having me masturbate you, won’t you?”

Ken could hardly believe his ears.

It was a dream come true!

“Yes, Aunt Margery,” he answered. “Yes, Ma’am.”

Margery pulled down the cups of her gorgeous satin bra to expose her creamy nipples.

“Your mother said I could let you suck my nipples a bit, if you wish. Would you enjoy that?”

Ken trembled at the sight of the succulent points. In six years of daily contact, he had never before seen them.

Until now.

“Yes, Aunt Margery,” Ken breathed. “I’d love that.”

Margery allowed Ken a few tentative kisses and a small amount of exploratory sucking, before he settled down to fasten on them like a baby, first one and then the other. The disappointment on Ken’s face was plain when she abruptly closed up shop.

“That’s enough for now. Finish up in here and get ready for school. Before you go out, be sure you clean the mirror. Your mother has a nice breakfast of bran cereal, milk, fresh apricots, and lemon yogurt ready for you.”

Half in a daze, Ken cleaned the mirror with a washcloth and completed the remainder of his toilet. During breakfast, there was no discussion of the new morning arrangement. The only remark came after Ken had left for school. Miriam told Margery that sons evidently followed their fathers in certain intimate matters.


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