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MADAME SOLANGE by Rafe Linnell

 Femdom Horror. The lives of two friends in a sleepy English village between the wars are turned on their heads when one of them confesses to a murder he committed while living in Paris. A murder committed at the behest of an evil and mesmeric landlady, Madame Solange, whose clutches he subsequently escapes by returning to England. She’s a demonic and sexually controlling woman for whom nothing matters but the control that slakes her sexual thirst. Control she is determined to exercise over the handsome Englishman once again now she has found him. Will he be caught in her clutches again? And if so, will he find some means of escape?

A chilling tale of horror, perversion and possession in the style of the early 20th Century masters of the genre. Includes male subservience to a supremely dominating female, sexual and mental humiliation, feet and arse worship, obedience and total devotion.

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