Mistress of Greenbrier: The Greenbrier Trilogy, II


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Mistress of Greenbrier: The Greenbrier Trilogy, Book II by Victoria Morris

Formerly Published as To Love, Honor & Disobey

The handsome Dr. Beauregard Addams previously ‘cured’ his headstrong fiance Lucy of ‘female hysteria’, using his unique medical treatments. In the days leading up to their marriage, Lucy is convinced that Beau is keeping secrets. Her fear causes a relapse, that requires another dose of the doctor’s treatment, including strong enemas, strict discipline and corporal punishment, which drive her sexual urges to the brink of orgasm. Though she remains under Beau’s firm control, once she’s married, her vows to love, honor and Obey get severely tested.Beau is enlisted by the Confederacy, and he sends Lucy to France to keep her safe from the impending war. However, on arriving in Baltimore, the intractable Lucy and her maid jump ship, and begin an event filled journey that lands them in a brothel, in bed together for sex, and finally back at Greenbrier Plantation. While initially clueless about his wife’s whereabouts, Beau’s in Richmond, treating female patients using techniques of bondage, sexual manipulation, flogging and his unique Enema Tonic.Home at Greenbrier, the high-strung Lucy installs herself as mistress of the manor, and there’s trouble brewing from the start. Now on her own, she resorts to the same stubborn, intimidating and manipulative behavior that her husband thought he cured. Without his firm hand and strict rules, Lucy terrorizes even the strongest men – including a band of Yankees who dare terrorize her!Though Lucy longs for Beau’s return, she fears his anger when he sees what she’s done. Only Beau has the answer to Lucy’s willful behavior, but can he return in time to save his home from the unruly Lucy? Will he be able to restore his rightful domination of his wife? Will the couple be able to repair the damage done by their ill-fated separation?

A passionate and graphic erotic tale, filled with period details that bring the story and its many wonderful characters to life. Contains strong scenes of both Male and Female Domination, female and male submission, including enemas colonics and anal sex, along with punishment, spanking, whipping, humiliation, chastity belts, cock cages, dungeons, pony boys and sizzling sexuality – straight, oral, lesbian, multiple partners and masturbation.

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