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Ms. Norcross – ebook


Ms. Norcross by Frieda Overath

“As he stared up at that slit of womanly perfection – the same slit that was about to proclaim its ownership of him and mark his body as hers…he asked himself why, if his anger and moral outrage for what she was doing to him was so great – was the cock he had only just declared disinterested responding to her with such painful desperation.”

Valerie Norcross is a formidable woman by design. This Anglo/Latina solicitor sports a voluptuous body that belies her stony heart and a coldly analytical mind. Middle-aged Michael is recently out of prison and unjustly unemployable until he falls into Valerie’s hands and under her control. Her cold and analytical mind is about put our hapless hero into a cell from which he will NEVER escape.

Includes Female domination, male enslavement, sadism, humiliation, degradation, chastity, collar and leash, water sports, oral service, spanking, foot worship, cock cage, CBT and so much more.

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