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Vanquished Men by Orlando

Femdom. Femdom Author Orlando’s latest installment in the “Men” series ” another collection of Female Domination Stories. In Two Dog Night Jimmy is convinced to don a dog costume to win a prize that results in a lifetime as a puppy. Then poor Brian’s mistake in Piggy reveals his submissiveness to his neighbors as he ends up becoming a piggy for them and his wife ” for life! And in Her Maid a stupid bet causes Chad to become Fifi, his wife’s maid. When he dares to engineer an escape, the unthinkable happens. These stories and many others are full of memorable themes. Femdom at its best! Sometimes with straight forward descents into hell, sometimes with twist and turns as a poor wretch is turned into a thing that he never dreamed of becoming and sometimes just a simple chance encounter leads to a life of sexual slavery for a man who never dreamed he could be so tricked. These inventive and diabolical tales include in their graphic content bisexuality, puppy play, cuckolding, chastity, maid service, watersports, forced feminization, whipping, toilet slavery, forced cunnilingus, pegging, personal service, ass licking, castration, slavery and much more.

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