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The Cheryl Series by Paul Blades

Featuring: The Taking of Cheryl Books 1 & 2, Cheryl Captured & Slaver’s Bait

As Cheryl Captured opens, the beautiful, auburn haired Cheryl is accosted in her New York City apartment by a slave trader known only as Turk. He strips her, and after sampling her luxurious body, he dresses her in her sexiest dress and forces her to do a lascivious strip tease before a web cam. The performance is webcast to wealthy and unscrupulous bidders throughout the world: Cheryl is their latest prize. The ultimate buyer is unknown to Turk; his job is to package her in a soundproof traveling case and deliver her to a strip mall in Baltimore, where he will hand her off to unknown agents of an international criminal organization. In Slaver’s Bait, held in a remote African country, the kidnapped beauty Cheryl suffers under the brutal regime of Benjamin Stoner. As one of his wives, she’s settled into a life of intense terror mixed with long periods of quiet. She and her sister wives are regularly whipped, while taking solace in the physical pleasure they can give each other. Meanwhile, back in New York, her sister Denise, who had been on the trail to find her, has been abducted by Turk, and taken to his mansion where she’s trained to be his personal sex slave. Still, Turk wants Cheryl back and launches a creative for her rescue. For Cheryl and Denise, their lives seem destined to remain under the control of men whose sole goal is to enslave them. Will they be rescued from one tyrant, only to be locked in chains by another?

Hard action and suspense combine in this erotic thriller. Graphic content includes extreme bondage, slave training, punishment, humiliation, piercing, bullwhips, coercion, and hard sex. NOT for the timid reader.

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The Turk had become a prisoner of his emotions. He had felt the humanity of one of his victims, Cheryl, and now was cursed day and night with the memory of her. He looked at the naked prisoner at his feet and felt nothing but anger. He detested the feelings that Cheryl had awakened in him, and now her sister Denise had become both the fulcrum of his anger and his means of assuaging it. He could make love to her with all the tenderness and passion that his memory of Cheryl evoked. Or he could ravage her with all of the cruelty and spite that he was capable of.

He watched Denise, her eyes closed as she let the soothing sounds of the delicate music wash over her. His blood began to boil.

Standing, he interrupted Denise’s reverie by pulling on her chain. He unlocked it from the chair and pulled her to her feet. Tamara and Agfa watched silently and knowingly as the Turk pulled the startled woman from the room. When Denise saw that she was being led to the cellar door, she believed that the man, whose name she still did not know, had decided to lock her into her cell for the night. She followed him docilely as he took her down the cold, hard stairs. She was surprised when they bypassed the door to her cell. Instead, he led her to another heavy steel encased door on the other side of the carpeted corridor.

The Turk unlocked the door and swung it open. He dragged Denise in by her chain, causing her to stumble as she crossed the threshold. When she looked up, her stomach sank. Before her was an array of fiendish devices that she knew could only serve a single purpose, the administration of cruel tortures.

The Turk had no taste tonight for the slow and painful tortures that the various racks, stocks and enclosures could provide. His fever could only be cooled by the immediate and direct application of pain to this woman who symbolized all that he hated, both in the world and in himself.

Denise started to whimper and tried to communicate a plea for pity. But her gag stifled all words. She went limp and sank to her knees. Her fear had no effect on the Turk other than to serve his pleasure. He would take pleasure in beating this woman, transferring his pain to her.

A long chain descended from the ceiling in the center of the room looped through an eyelet embedded there. Turk dragged Denise over to it and pushed her to the floor. Forcing her to her stomach, he released her arms from behind her back. He took one wrist and clipped it to one end of the chain. He pulled on the other end of the chain, forcing Denise first to her knees and then to her feet.

The frantic woman dug her heels into the cement floor and tried to waive her other arm out of the Turk’s reach. Her efforts were futile as the Turk easily captured it and joined it to its mate. He then pulled the chain tight until Denise’s toes barely touched the floor. Stepping over to the wall, he locked the chain into place.

Denise’s body writhed as she dangled at the end of the chain. She was sobbing, terrified at the prospect of her imminent torture. The Turk savored her fear. Her delectable body was now covered with a sheen of sweat that her fear had wrung out of her. He stepped towards her and ran his hands over the breasts and belly that he owned. He peered deeply into her blue eyes relishing the panic that was reflected in them. He could hear her murmurs of hysterical pleading from behind her mask. It steeled him in his purpose.

It was difficult for Denise’s mind to comprehend what was happening to her. What had she ever done, she thought, to deserve such cruel treatment? How would she be able to stand the pain of whatever torture this dark, hard man had in store for her?

The Turk stepped back and took a long, narrow hickory switch from the wall. He swished it in the air in satisfaction. It would do nicely.

When Denise saw the switch, she realized that she was to be whipped. She remembered the sharp, painful lashes she had received from the Turk in her sister’s apartment. She realized that this was not to be several quick, sharp blows meant as a punishment. This was something else. This beating was to be for its own sake. It purpose was for nothing more than the satisfaction of her master’s sadistic pleasure.

Before commencing Denise’s torment, the Turk used small, thick leather belts to fasten Denise’s legs together at the ankles and just below her knees. He connected the ankle belt to a hook recessed in the floor. He then pulled the chain tighter, stretching Denise so that her body presented an unmovable, taut target.

The first blow of the switch fell on the twin globes of Denise’s ass. It produced an immediate red line of damaged flesh. Denise howled at the pain. It stung fiercely and reverberated throughout her body. The Turk’s second target was the back of her thighs. The poor girl’s body convulsed as she absorbed the terrible pain from the slicing of her skin. Blood trickled down from the wounds. The Turk landed three strokes in rapid succession across her back. At each blow, Denise emitted a high pitched screech.

Turk paused to contemplate the results of his cruel treatment of the trussed up woman. He could see her chest heaving as she sobbed uncontrollably. He slowly walked around the object of his anger and lust. When she saw him cross before her, Denise knew that her breasts would soon suffer the vicious bite of the lash. She moaned and shook her body causing the mounds of soft flesh to sway and tremble. Suddenly, the lash bit into the tender orbs. The lash made a loud snapping sound as it bit hard into her taut skin. Methodically, the Turk worked his way down her torso, striking at her belly and her thighs. He then worked his way up again, finishing with a well-aimed blow directly across her tender nipples.

Denise’s body was now crisscrossed with the evidence of the Turk’s cruelty. She hung there limply, her face awash with tears. The Turk’s anger was abated, but his lust was enflamed. He stripped off his clothes and then lowered Denise to her knees. She looked up at him abjectly, begging with her eyes for pity. He unleashed her mask and removed her gag. He spoke to her for the first time since she had awoken on his island prison.

“You are going to suck my cock, cunt. And I want it slow and pleasurable. Suck it like you mean it or I’ll have you back on your feet in a second.”

Fearful and trembling, Denise nodded her understanding of the Turk’s threat. She eyed the Turk’s thick, hard cock and opened her mouth. She would pleasure him well, anything to avoid being beaten.

The Turk guided Denise’s head forward until his cock passed over her trembling lips. She seized it with her mouth, wrapping her tongue over its meaty end. Slowly she pulled her head back and forth, caressing the length of the hard flesh. She judged the success of her efforts by the moans of pleasure that she heard. The Turk groaned as the hot mouth enflamed his swollen prick. He grabbed the chains from which Denise hung to steady himself as pleasure coursed through him. He began to rock his hips to meet the rhythm of Denise’s efforts.

The room, which moments before had echoed with Denise’s moans of pain, now resounded with the Turk’s moans of pleasure. He could feel his juices rising, but held them back to enjoy the exquisite feeling of teetering on the edge of climax. When he could hold back no more, he thrust his cock deep into Denise’s mouth and spewed his discharge inside.

Denise cried with joy as he came. She had pleased him, she knew it. She would be spared. For now.

The Turk left the naked and still trembling woman where she was. Her hands were still above her head and her knees were painfully set upon the rough concrete floor. Denise did not look up as he left, but shuddered as she heard the door clang shut. A few moments later she heard it opening again. The Turk had returned. For a moment, Denise feared that he had decided to come back and renew her torment. He stood over her, a looming menace. She dared not raise her head to look for fear of provoking him.

But the Turk had not come back to whip her again. She felt the leather gag being pressed against her mouth and the mask reapplied. It was buckled tightly behind her head. The Turk grabbed her chin and lifted her face. He took a long look, staring deeply into her eyes. He could see the fear and desperation behind them. She had good reason to be afraid. Many a young woman had been broken on the strange instruments of torture that lay throughout the room. Now it would be Denise’s turn.

But there was a spark of pity in the Turk’s eyes. For a moment he imagined that it was Cheryl that knelt there before him. He recalled her frantic pleas when she had thought that he was going to maim her. He remembered their passionate kiss. Would he never be able to forget her?

Disgusted with himself, the Turk turned and left the room.

The Turk had shut off the light as he left and Denise was immersed in total darkness. The stone walls and steel door shut out all sounds. She could hear only the shifting of the chains as she moved to adjust the weight on her knees. The Turk had fastened the bindings just below her knees to the hook recessed in the floor. Denise could not stand up nor could she lie down.

In the darkness, her mind wandered through the day’s events trying to make some sense of them. Her whole world now was these three strange and cruel people. It was hard to believe that it was all real. Would she wake up on Cheryl’s bed sweating and startled at the terrible nightmare she had had? Would she ever learn what had happened to her sister? How many days of torment lay ahead of her before her own ultimate fate would be revealed?

       Denise fought back her tears. She felt that she had done nothing but cry since she had awoken in her cell earlier that day. She wanted to stop. If she didn’t, she thought, she would go mad.


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