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The Cheryl Series by Paul Blades

Featuring: The Taking of Cheryl Books 1 & 2, Cheryl Captured & Slaver’s Bait

As Cheryl Captured opens, the beautiful, auburn haired Cheryl is accosted in her New York City apartment by a slave trader known only as Turk. He strips her, and after sampling her luxurious body, he dresses her in her sexiest dress and forces her to do a lascivious strip tease before a web cam. The performance is webcast to wealthy and unscrupulous bidders throughout the world: Cheryl is their latest prize. The ultimate buyer is unknown to Turk; his job is to package her in a soundproof traveling case and deliver her to a strip mall in Baltimore, where he will hand her off to unknown agents of an international criminal organization. In Slaver’s Bait, held in a remote African country, the kidnapped beauty Cheryl suffers under the brutal regime of Benjamin Stoner. As one of his wives, she’s  settled into a life of intense terror mixed with long periods of quiet. She and her sister wives are regularly whipped, while taking solace in the physical pleasure they can give each other. Meanwhile, back in New York, her sister Denise, who had been on the trail to find her, has been abducted by Turk, and taken to his mansion where she’s trained to be his personal sex slave. Still, Turk wants Cheryl back and launches a creative for her rescue. For Cheryl and Denise, their lives seem destined to remain under the control of men whose sole goal is to enslave them. Will they be rescued from one tyrant, only to be locked in chains by another?

Hard action and suspense combine in this erotic thriller. Graphic content includes extreme bondage, slave training, punishment, humiliation, piercing, bullwhips, coercion, and hard sex. NOT for the timid reader.

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