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My Mom’s Lover by Tina Gray

Twin sisters Stephanie and Melanie are flight attendants looking for love. Neither has yet found the man of their dreams. When their mom reconnects with a former lover living in Dallas, she encourages Stephanie to meet him while she’s on a layover in the city. It’s love at first sight when Stephanie and Alex finally meet. Although her layover is cut short by bad weather, Stephanie, undeterred, manages to land a new position at a hub near him. Before long, she’s moving into the Alex’s penthouse suite at the top of a residential tower. Melanie thinks her sister had lost her mind to move in so quickly with a man she hardly knows. But after Melanie visits the two in Dallas, she decides to move in with Alex too! Though Melanie has had some bad experiences with men, Alex helps her leave her past behind, something no one else had been able to do. Living together, Alex and the two sisters enjoy a loving and sexy romance. Joining the threesome are Candace and Elise, making for one hot polyamorous household. Includes erotic m/f sex, romance, oral, anal, lesbian sex, threesome, fivesome, polyamory, male domination, restraint, and nudity.

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“Stephanie, we can’t do this. Our age difference, where we live, your Mom.”

“Alex, I don’t care about any of that. I have known we were going to become lovers since the first minute we met. When I got off the elevator and saw you, I lost my heart. My head tells me you are right, but it is not going to end here. I want you to make love to me now, in this place. We can deal with those other things later. I haven’t been with a man in quite some time and never with one like you. I know we just met, but I will make you love me and I will stay with you from now on.”

He kissed me again and showed me his soul in that kiss. It was all going to work out somehow. I felt his fingers taking the zipper in my dress down. I kept kissing him. He reached down and pulled my dress up and over my head. Even in my underwear I could tell he loved my body.

“Damn, Stephanie, you are beautiful. Most girls only come up to my chin at best and I can look you straight in the eyes. Kiss me again?”

I did. This man knew how to kiss. He took off my bra and pushed my little panties down to the floor as he laid me on the bed. He stood beside me as he removed his shirt, boots, and jeans. He wore nothing else. I gasped at what I saw. He looked fit and trim and was highly excited as evidenced by his throbbing erection. This was going to be a wonderful experience.

I didn’t touch him until he lay beside me on the bed kissing me tenderly. “Is making love to you safe, Stephanie?”

“Yes, Alex. I keep myself protected whether I am in a relationship or not.”

“Are you sure this is what you want?”

“More than anything. Take me into ecstasy, Alex.”

“You know I will never let you go if we get involved in this way?”

“I know.” His erection continued to throb under my touch and I moved my hand up and down on him, squeezing as I went. He touched my breasts and rolled my nipples between his fingers. I shifted on the bed, so I could spread my legs and respond to his kisses and caresses. He made me feel so good, I was floating, and I took his hand and moved it down to my increasing wetness. He knew just what to do. I could tell he had been here before with a woman.

When he kissed down my neck to my breasts, I took a deep breath. He then proceeded further down on me until he was breathing on my vagina. He licked my clitoris, and I shuddered. What was this man doing to me? Whatever it was, I loved it. I was so glad I was able to bring his lover out and that he was here with me.

“Take me now, Alex. I can’t wait any longer. Bury yourself in me and make me yours forever.”

He moved his head back up and kissed me with my juices still on his lips. I loved his boldness and total lack of self-consciousness. He treated sex with respect but loved even the dirty parts as well as its beauty. I hardly noticed when he moved above me as we continued to enjoy our sexy kiss. I certainly noticed when he shot his hips forward and entered me. He filled me up as he pinned my arms above my head and took total control of our love making. Every time he plunged into me, I felt my sexuality increase. When he resumed our kiss, I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. He felt it too and went deeper in me and picked up his pace. My pussy felt like it was on fire and I was getting feelings from my clitoris that were exquisite. I closed my eyes and saw stars against a black background as rockets rose and exploded in my consciousness. My orgasm was the most powerful I had ever experienced and when I felt him flooding me with his seed, I came again. I never had multiple orgasms, but I had two in rapid succession with my Alex. He had not finished but shifted his position slightly and continued making love to me. He was more deliberate in his movements and went still deeper, staying longer on each stroke. My passion rose with power and even more sensation. My last orgasm totally drained me, and I collapsed under him as he flooded me again. We had wrecked the bed and soaked the sheets with our juices.


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