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The Witch’s Coven by J.D Laydon

From the author of the Mistress Taz series.

Mac starts on-line dating and meets a mysterious lady Wendy, knowing that she’s a Domme and a lover of BDSM. What he doesn’t expect is the witchcraft that dominates the ‘witch’s coven’ of which she is a part. To make matters worse for him, his ex-girlfriend Jen is one of Witch Wendy’s guests, there to seek revenge on Mac for being spurned. At the hands of this mysterious Domme and his ex, Mac experiences an unimagined level of pain, humiliation and the threat of long-term incarceration and subjugation at their hands.

Mac’s experience begins to change as he develops a connection with a nymphomaniac slave belonging to Wendy. He soon realizes that he has his own skills in the supernatural, and uses them with surprising success when his Domme has a dinner for special guests. The success of the night results in the option of a role for Mac in an upcoming ball with a clan of female witches. In the interim, to agree to the event, Mac’s nymphomaniac accomplice demands a night as his Mistress, bringing more largely pleasurable moments of submission and masochistic experiences for Mac. How will this end for him? What dark adventure await? Read the novel and find out!

Femdom, Supernatural, BDSM, feminisation, beatings, heavy bondage, shackles, leather, latex, chastity devices, CBT, dungeon cells and sex toys, and much more.

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