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Nice Girls Being Naughty by J.A. Smith

This collection 45 erotic short stories really turns up the heat! You’ll find stories written especially for this book, while others are excerpts from J.A’s many PF novels. The action is centered on naughty, everyday girls looking for fun, adventure, maybe a little kink and certainly a roll in the hay. These tales are not about relationships, but sexy one-night stands with hot guys, and other naughty girls. And maybe, just maybe, one of these hot-tango nights will lead to something more. Expect chapters on masturbation, anal sex, girl on girl, threesomes and more, BDSM, black leather, and floggers. Titles include, Alison Gets Sticky, Naughty Girls’ Toy Party, Tim Puts on a Show, The Pecker Plan, Kelly & Wendy Dom Brian, The Pussy Party, Flogging in Paradise and many more. Female readers! Bring along your vibrator. If it’s not humming after reading about these nice girls being naughty, then something is wrong! Includes bi-sexuality, masturbation, group sex, domination and submission, fantasy role play (nurses included), F/m, oral sex, female and male anal sex, rimming, as well as regular old-fashion lovemaking missionary style.

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Jon and Alison had met Dennis and Pixie, at a party a year ago. They had communicated some with emails, but had not seen them in person for almost a year. During the course of the emails, they chatted about getting together again and being more intimate. Pixie is petite in height and size. She is very cute with a short “Pixie” like haircut. Dennis is well build. At one time, he was a competition body builder…it still shows. His bodybuilding evidently included his cock which is bigger and fatter than average.

Dennis told Jon about how much Pixie likes playing with hot wax. In as much as Alison, and Jon are pretty much wimps, when it comes to pain, it did not sound like that much fun. Dennis told them it is a paraffin type wax, which melts at a relatively low temperature. It is hot, but it will not burn you. Alison is far from comfortable about it. Jon is a little more open to the idea, thinking about a cute little thing like Pixie dripping wax on his cock, balls, and ass.

Jon and Alison make a date with them for dinner and playing. They reluctantly agree to at least try the hot wax. Dennis and Pixie show up on Sunday afternoon. Jon had placed a tarp and some sheets on the floor of their big room in anticipation of an erotic night of sex and hot wax. Jon made a fire in the fireplace to complete the play place.

The evening is begun with champagne and getting to know each other all over again. Dennis brought in the wax pot. It is like a large crock-pot that keeps the wax at just the right temperature, to be a liquid. The wax pot does have warmer temperatures settings for the true masochist. For us, hot wax novices, they put it on the lowest setting.

While drinking champagne they chat about Jon’s book “Horizontal.” Pixie and Dennis are included in the book. Pixie reads, aloud, the story of Clair receiving anal sex in front of a fireplace.

It is time to head to the big room. Alison is far from comfortable with the hot wax part. The couple of glasses of champagne got her relaxed enough to try it. They move the hot wax pot to the big room, where the tarp and sheets are set up in front of the fireplace. They all strip naked. With no foreplay of any kind, Jon is told, by Pixie, to lie on the floor on his tummy. He does as he is told.

Jon does not know what to expect. Pixie takes a ladle of hot wax from the wax pot. She holds the ladle over Jon’s back and blows into it, causing a splattering of hot wax to sprinkle over his back, ass, and legs. It is hot but not burning. In fact, it is pleasant. Pixie blows wax a couple more times. She then drips hot wax down the crack of Jon’s ass and over his asshole, running down to his balls.

The tarp with the sheet on top is wide enough for two people. Dennis has Alison on her tummy getting a similar wax treatment. Alison loves very hot showers; this surprised her as being comfortable and not too hot.

Pixie has Jon turn over. His cock and balls are now available for her hot wax fun. She drips the wax on his cock and nuts. Again, it is hot and very sensual. She does several coats of wax on his cock. Then she straddles Jon and lowers her pussy down his wax-coated cock. The wax stays liquid for quite a while and acts like hot lube. Pixie rises up off his cock a short distance, adding more hot wax to his cock. Then she sits back on his cock, sliding it in and out of her pussy.

By now, wax is all over the place. Jon told Pixie he wanted to be on top, and they changed positions. She stays on her knees backing up to his cock, in a doggy style position. Alison is now the wax administer. She pours the hot wax down the crack of Pixie’s ass, over her asshole and pussy. Jon has not entered her yet. He strokes his cock, watching several scoops of wax take the same path down her ass crack. With each new ladle of wax, Pixie moans. Using the hot wax for lube, Jon puts his cock into her pussy and fucks her. Alison makes sure there is a constant supply of hot wax lubricating Pixie’s openings.

Alison has Dennis lie on his back next to Pixie and Jon. Alison pours hot wax on his cock. She slowly slides her pussy down the length of his cock with the wax coating both his cock and her pussy. She is close enough to the pot of wax to be able to ladle more on both Dennis’s cock and Pixie’s ass. Alison keeps a constant supply of wax for Pixie’s ass crack. Alison rises up a little on Dennis’s cock so she can pour fresh, hot wax onto it, before sliding down it again.

Pixie and Jon are fucking doggy style right in front of the fireplace. Pixie picks up her head and says, “It’s not fair for you to make me read that story of the girl getting butt fucked in front of the fireplace and not doing that to me too.”

Jon cannot believe his ears. Alison elbows him and says, “She wants you to butt fuck her.” Jon takes his cock out of her pussy. Alison pours more hot wax on her butt hole for him. There is enough light from the fireplace to see the wax running down her ass crack and over her pussy. Jon moves his cock to her asshole and puts the head of it against her hot wax butt hole. His cock slides right into her ass. The hot wax lube allows his cock to go all the way into her.

Alison keeps a supply of wax coming. Pixie moans each time hot wax hits her asshole. As Jon fucks her in the ass, his cock gets coated with wax on the outstroke, then he buries it in her butt for the in stroke. Dennis keeps giving Alison a hot wax fucking also. While Jon’s cock moves in Pixie’s asshole, he can watch his wax coated wife taking Dennis’s cock in her pussy.

When Alison pours wax onto Pixie’s ass, it runs down to where his cock is in her butt. It stays a liquid for a long time as Jon fucks her rear hole. Some of the wax runs down, coating her pussy and his balls. Alison is taking all of Dennis’s long cock on each wax-covered stroke. Jon gives Pixie all of his cock, up her ass, on each of his strokes. When the fucking is finished, the girls remove as much of the dried wax as possible from their pussies and replace it with their tongues. They are both in such a high state of arousal, they devour the other’s pussy…taking turns getting each other to orgasm.

Once the wax cools, it is easy to peel off. They all stood on a second sheet and de-waxed each other or themselves. It was a hot, memorable evening Jon and Alison will never forget.

During the 2014 winter Olympics, Alison and Jon were watching the women’s downhill on TV. A good-looking gal dressed in a skintight outfit was making her run. Jon turned to Alison and said, “I would love to pour hot wax down the crack of her ass!”

To which Alison replied, “Oh yeah!”


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