Olivia Enslaved


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Olivia Enslaved by Charles Graham

Following an acrimonious divorce from her unfaithful husband Jack, the beautiful twenty-six year old Olivia Johnson becomes a powerful advocate for woman’s equality. In the process, she makes an enemy of the millionaire womanizer, Sir Malcolm Bradbury. Humiliated by her public attacks, he wreaks his revenge by kidnapping young woman. After being sexually used by his henchmen, she’s taken to Malcolm’s mansion where she’s branded with his mark, pierced, ringed and subjected to weeks of intense submissive training. She’s taught unquestioned obedience and absolute submission, her body and mind conditioned to accept her subjugation until she is no longer able or willing to resist the touch of her master’s hand or the fiery bite of leather on her flesh. Even worse, she can do nothing to squelch the intense slave-heat that fills her belly. Malcolm will not stop her training until she’s become the ultimate pleasure slave, at which point she’ll be ready to sell to her new master.
Dressed in a fine gown, Olivia attends a dinner-party, where she subjected to the naked and humiliating scrutiny of the master’s guests. Spilled wine earns her a brutal beating, which sexually inflames the men and she’s forced to submit to their multiple ravagings. However, when she sees true desire in the eyes of her rapist Alexander DeVere, she knows that this is one man to whom she would willingly give herself. She learns that DeVere has offered to buy her from Malcolm, and this inspires a tiny flicker of hope. However, when she’s locked in a wooden truck and shipped off, she’s horrified to discover that she’s been sent to her ex-husband and his lover, Lady Honoria. For one week, she’ll be their slave.
But will that week be the end of the humiliating surrender to Jack? Olivia’s fate remains in the hands of Malcolm Bradbury. Will he sell her to her ex, to DeVere, or keep her as his own passion slave?
Intense BDSM erotica. Includes graphic scenes of sadomasochism, punishment, discipline, submissive training, whipping, bondage, body modification, humiliation, corsets, gags, exhibition, some female domination, anal, oral, straight and coerced sex.

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Olivia awoke from her drugged sleep to the discomfort of something digging into her belly. Automatically she tried to move to release the pressure, but for some unknown reason her limbs would not respond to the orders of her dazed brain. For several moments she struggled feebly, then her mind cleared and she began to appreciate the full horror of her predicament.

Her limbs would not respond because they could not. The harsh bite of coarse rope into the soft flesh of her wrists and ankles told her that she was a captive, her arms and legs outstretched to anchorages in front and behind her, her belly pressed tight against a solid wooden rail over which she was bent. Her terror grew as she discovered that a thick cloth over her eyes blindfolded her and that her mouth and lips were forced into a stretched ‘O’ by the presence of a steel ring wedged behind her teeth and preventing her from closing her jaws. Warm sunshine played upon her and her mind reeled as she felt its rays on her legs and buttocks and spine. She was naked, her body helplessly displayed, the gaping pink gash of her sex and the dimpled entry to her anal passage exposed and shockingly vulnerable. Terrified, her nude, upthrust buttocks clenched furiously as she fought to escape, her frantic efforts proof of her shame and fear, muffled, breathy squeals of panic and despair leaking from her gagged jaws as she wrenched in vain at her bonds.

She searched her memory desperately, seeking a clue to her awful situation. She remembered the women’s rally at which she had spoken, her departure in the hansom cab, the unexpected stop, getting down to look for the driver…but then, nothing.

Nothing, until she awoke and found herself cruelly bound.

Where she was, why she was bound, who had done this to her, she did not know and her terror increased with the horrifying uncertainty as she explored her situation.

Her neck ached, arched cruelly back by a rope knotted to her long, dark hair and she felt sunshine on her tear stained face as she stared blindly up at the sky, unable to lower her head.

To her stunned shock, she heard voices. Deep, rough voices and mocking laughter and knew she was not alone. Men, several of them, were with her and her wild struggles redoubled as she fought to hide her shameful nakedness from their eyes.

Heavy footsteps approached her and Olivia squealed in anguished misery as a man bellied up behind her and thrust his hard, rampant erection deep into her defenceless sex, piercing to the very core of her femininity.

Her shrill screams were brutally cut short as a second man seized her by the hair and forced his rigid flesh through the steel ring in her mouth, gagging and nearly choking her.

Helpless, the naked, weeping brunette shuddered and sobbed as she was brutally ravaged, the two men pounding into her sex and mouth with callous disregard for anything but their own pleasure, using her as they wished to satisfy their brute lusts.

The man buried in her sex reached his peak first, his hips jolting against her buttocks as he shot his seed into her trembling belly and Olivia wept helplessly as he pulled out of her spread body, feeling his spend trickle from her sex to dribble slowly down her thighs.

The second man lunged a final time, his erection pulsing and Olivia’s cheeks bulged as they were filled with the hot seed of his climax as it gushed into her mouth, giving her no option but to swallow or choke. Her throat worked convulsively, her shame beyond bearing, but her misery was of no consequence to her captor and she heard his cruel laughter as some of his juices escaped past her lips to stain her face as proof of her disgrace. Then he, too, withdrew from her, casually wiping himself on her hair, leaving the shuddering, sobbing brunette utterly distraught and still tightly bound.

Sunk in her misery, Olivia could have no idea that her torment was not yet over and it was only when a third man sent his erection plunging into her mouth and a fourth forced apart the tight, resistant ring of her anal passage to drive deep into her rear orifice, that she knew the true horror of her captivity. In pain from her very first anal penetration, unable even to scream for mercy, Olivia suffered terribly as her tormentors took her unmercifully, the third man sending his fingers burrowing into her sex to abuse her quivering body still further.

Plundered ruthlessly, Olivia swallowed and moaned and wept as the men came, their climaxes filling her mouth and anus simultaneously as they enforced their full, brutal power over her and she sagged limply over the rail at her belly, utterly exhausted, as they withdrew from her.

Thirty minutes later, however, they returned to their helpless victim and Olivia squealed and juddered as hard hands thrust between her straddled thighs, probing every crevice and secret recess of her body. Unknown to her, every maddened response, every twitch, every frantic contortion of her hips as she tried vainly to avoid the merciless invasion of her body, was carefully noted for use against her in the rigorous slave training programme she was all too soon to undergo. A programme designed specifically to turn her from the free, wealthy and powerful young woman she had so recently been, into the naked, sexually responsive and ultimately submissive slave her new, and as yet to her, unknown Master desired her to become.

For, though Olivia did not know it, her capture had been no accident. Her soon to be Master had plotted long and carefully to engineer her downfall and her captors had been well paid for their services. Services which were by no means over.

The hands withdrew from her belly, leaving her hugely aroused, but unsatisfied and Olivia sobbed her relief.

Too soon!

Even as she attempted to relax, knowing fingers captured her nipples, where they hung free below her bent over body. Olivia shrieked in misery, but was powerless to prevent the skilled manipulation of her sensitive buds as they were brought to hard and throbbing erection, each aching with the urgency and intensity of the needs forced upon her. Propelled helplessly to a frenzied peak of sexual arousal, her entire body vibrated with fierce lust she could not assuage, until, at the very pinnacle of her sexual longing, two agonising lines of fire burned across the exposed globes of her naked buttocks.

Her wild screams of pain and anguish rang in her ears, but could not halt the whipping Olivia received. Her buttocks and thighs turned a fiery, glowing crimson as the whips taught her her captivity, burning their stinging, smarting agony into her flesh.

A third whip, its thick leather handle thrust between her gaping thighs and deep into her dripping sex, sent her hurtling into a feared and terrifying climax, her belly exploding into a gigantic, pulsing orgasm, the heavy leather gripped as if in a vice by her spasming internal muscles, her scalding love juices soaking the deeply buried invader!

Climaxing hugely, maddened beyond any shadow of control, Olivia screamed for mercy as the other whips continued to scourge her flinching buttocks, the leather in her belly thrusting wetly as her captors continued her torment.

The gag was pulled from her jaws and she screamed, “Please. No more, please! Please, I beg you, no more!”

The whips stopped momentarily as her gag was crammed back between her lips and Olivia trembled wildly, her brain numb with shock.

This simply couldn’t be happening. Not to her. Not in England! Not in the late 19th century with a Queen on the throne! It had to be a nightmare, brought on by overwork. It just had to be!

Held by the coarse ropes on her limbs, Olivia whimpered in pain and anguish, praying that she would wake up and find it was all a terrible dream.

But her body remained spread-eagled, her flesh smarting and her brain reeled as she was forced to face the awful truth. She was not dreaming. She really was the prisoner of strong and ruthless men! Men who had already demonstrated their power.

Drugged and kidnapped, snatched away from her familiar, safe surroundings, she had been brought to this place, stripped, bound and taken. She had no idea where she was, no idea who her captors were, no idea, even, of their plans for her.

She knew only that she was the helpless prey of their savage, male lusts.

How could it have happened?

Who would do such a terrible thi….?

A scream of sheer, stark terror rose in Olivia’s throat

For she suddenly knew who and why and what her fate might be.


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