Over Her Head


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Over Her Head by Will Versuch

Melanie is a sexy young woman with an obsession for kinky sex. She regularly escapes into online roleplay to live out her naughty fantasies, everything from bondage to kidnapping. Her favorite online Dom, Jonathan, urges her to take her fantasies into the real world, which only ratchets up her desires. On his command, she dresses up and exhibits herself in public places ” under the supposed “threat’ that he’ll expose her activities to her co-workers if she fails to follow through.

She knows it’s just a game, so she obediently obliges.

But when she winds up in an arcade photo booth, wrists bound, mouth gagged and a rope around her neck, taking pictures of herself in this sleazy display, she wonders if the fantasy has gone too far, especially when the arcade manager suddenly whisks the curtain aside and sees her. Later that night, when the manager winds up in her bed, giving Melanie a real time scene of capture and bondage, she suspects that Jonathan has had a hand in this event. She loves every vile thing he does to her ” and rashly agrees to give herself to the man ” whoever this assailant is.

Now, she’s becomes a captive for real. Soon, all the roles she’s played for Jonathan come back to haunt her, as she’s made to live out each one in real time. Clearly she’s “over her head” in this dangerous game. Is there any way out? And if there is, would she even take it? Includes coercion, bondage, collars, cages, clamps, punishment, lots of sex and much more!

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Sweet Melanie,


I am terribly sorry that I cannot be with you here today. I do so cherish the Saturdays that we can spend lost in the deepest recesses of that deliciously twisted mind of yours. Sadly, duty calls and I must push aside the things that I desire in favor of the things that keep the lights on. However, this does not mean that I intend to fail in my duties to you.


At precisely 11:00 a.m., you will arrive at the parking lot on the northeast corner of Trimble and Main. You will be wearing the denim skirt that you wore at the beginning of our ponyplay scene and the thigh high athletic stockings that I sent you. For shoes, wear your suede ankle boots. For a top, I want something light and playful. I will leave that to your discretion.


Please be aware that I realize this outfit is a little outside your comfort zone. I understand that this is the most daunting challenge that I have sent you.


On that note, please also remember the consequences if you do not perform this task as instructed.


I am proud of your courage in advance.




Melanie stared at the message on the screen for a long moment. The room seemed to spin around her as she re-read the email. The outfit he described was more than a little outside her comfort zone. The skirt was impossibly short, the sort where you could see the bottoms of the pockets beneath the roughly cut edges. She had bought it to wear as part of a Halloween costume. But, even on that sluttiest day of the year, she had worn leggings beneath it. The stockings she would be wearing now were only going to make the skirt worse.

The clock read 10:00 a.m.. If she was going to go through with the task he had set out for her, she needed to hurry. Picking up her coffee mug, she sipped on it as she walked to the bedroom. She walked through the commands from the email again in her mind. The outfit was pretty straightforward, but the next piece made her wonder. What was she going to do in the parking lot?

She opened her dresser and pulled out the short skirt. She frowned a little as she opened her robe and held it up in front of herself. Sadly, it had not grown in the time it spent neatly folded and tucked away. From another drawer, she produced the stockings, panties, and a bra. She stepped into the panties first, drawing them up her legs and settling them into place. They were dark green to match the stripes on the stockings. A thought suddenly struck her as she sat down on the edge of the bed. Would he be waiting for her in the parking lot?

She shook her head, pushing that thought aside. He was away on business somewhere, though a part of her mind hoped that she was that business. It was more likely that he was going to have something waiting for her there. She picked up the first stocking and shook it out. It was not much of a stocking, made from the same material as a cotton athletic sock. She slid her foot into the stretchy material, drawing it up until the dual green bands of color at its top were wrapped around her mid thigh. She pulled on the second stocking and then picked up the waiting denim.

Rising from the edge of the bed, she stepped into the skirt, pulling it into place around her waist. Looking down, she frowned at the combination. Little strands of thread played across her bare thighs, seeming to almost be the defeated skirt’s attempt at offering her some modesty above the stockings. The attempt failed abysmally. Melanie walked over to her closet, opening it and then looking at the hanging tops there while she slid into the bra and reached behind to fasten its hooks.

He wanted something playful, she thought to herself as she reviewed her options. After trying out a few by holding them up to herself in the mirror, she finally gave up. Nothing was going to fit well with the outfit below her waist. She ended up just grabbing a black t-shirt that was proudly emblazoned with a pair of bright red lips. If she was going to look like a train wreck, a little Rocky Horror was not going to hurt anything.

The boots came last, short ones without heels. The soft tan suede slouched around her ankles. He called them her Peter Pan shoes because, aside from the color, they looked like the ones that the famous boy who never grew up wore. Finished with the outfit, she turned to look at herself in the full-length mirror on the back of her bedroom door.

“Ridiculous,” she laughed at the sight of herself. “You look ridiculous. Are you sure you’re really going to do this?”

Melanie already knew the answer to the question before she asked it. She was too curious to discover what he had in store for her at the intersection of Trimble and Main. She was too desperate to avoid disappointing Jonathan. Plus, a part of her questioned whether he really was serious about his threat to publish her secret life around the office. The thought of revealing a little bit of her wild side to Rick in private had seemed scary in the early morning hours. That fear paled in comparison to the prospect of Jonathan broadcasting her chat sessions and the pictures she had sent him to the whole office.

Grabbing her purse, her cell phone and her keys, Melanie took a deep breath and then headed for the door.


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