Over Her Head


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Over Her Head by Will Versuch

Melanie is a sexy young woman with an obsession for kinky sex. She regularly escapes into online roleplay to live out her naughty fantasies, everything from bondage to kidnapping. Her favorite online Dom, Jonathan, urges her to take her fantasies into the real world, which only ratchets up her desires. On his command, she dresses up and exhibits herself in public places ” under the supposed “threat’ that he’ll expose her activities to her co-workers if she fails to follow through.

She knows it’s just a game, so she obediently obliges.

But when she winds up in an arcade photo booth, wrists bound, mouth gagged and a rope around her neck, taking pictures of herself in this sleazy display, she wonders if the fantasy has gone too far, especially when the arcade manager suddenly whisks the curtain aside and sees her. Later that night, when the manager winds up in her bed, giving Melanie a real time scene of capture and bondage, she suspects that Jonathan has had a hand in this event. She loves every vile thing he does to her ” and rashly agrees to give herself to the man ” whoever this assailant is.

Now, she’s becomes a captive for real. Soon, all the roles she’s played for Jonathan come back to haunt her, as she’s made to live out each one in real time. Clearly she’s “over her head” in this dangerous game. Is there any way out? And if there is, would she even take it? Includes coercion, bondage, collars, cages, clamps, punishment, lots of sex and much more!

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