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Pride & Prejudice & Passion: Jane Austen for the Adult Reader by Dominic Ridler

BDSM Romance. England, early 19thcentury. Elizabeth Bennet is an independent-minded young woman, determined not to be ruled by men. She enjoys her sexual passions with her maid Nell and a farmhand John. But when she’s introduced to Mr. Darcy, she’s finds herself smitten, despite his haughty nature and belief that men should be dominant in the bedroom. Although her attraction for Darcy grows, after learning of his taste for perverse sexual practices, she rejects his proposal of marriage.
Meanwhile Elizabeth’syounger sister Lydia runs away with Wickham, a handsome but unscrupulous young soldier, who seduces her then prostitutes her. Although Wickham claims to have been wronged by Darcy, which further turns Elizabeth against him, it is Darcy who saves the reputation of the Bennet family by bribing Wickham to marry Lydia and take her abroad. With her attraction to Darcy now overwhelming, Elizabeth agrees to a trial meeting, during which the two have sex. Their lovemaking and later trysts confirm not only that Darcy is a skilful and considerate lover, but that he has the greatest respect for her, even after she consents to anal intercourse. When he proposes a second time, Elizabeth knows what she must do. M/f, spanking, lesbianism, strap-ons, femdom, face-sitting, fellatio, cunnilingus, anal sex and threesomes.

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