Sinister Strangers


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Sinister Strangers by Paul Moore

Haunted by dark sexual fantasies, the young wife, Keri, is practically immobilized by the obsessive force of her submissive needs. Will her husband, Alan, understand? Can she even confess the truth? Or will her bizarre sexual demands destroy their marriage? The two seem doomed to fail, until ‘that night’, when Keri’s naughty little secret is unwittingly, glaringly exposed and Alan is moved to act. The desperate husband calls in professional help to handle his unusual situation, but the women he hires have plans of their own. A panicked Keri finds that her life is no longer hers. Soon, the unsuspecting couple discovers that there’s more to the ‘mild-mannered’ Alan than either of them realized, as he learns some crucial lessons in satisfying his wife’s desires.
A tale of male and female domination of submissive females, including intensely graphic scenes of bondage, corporeal punishment and anal discipline… hoods, cages, sex toys, mind games and creative slave training.


“You need to hold very still now,” admonished the woman, “you don’t want me to cut you, do you?”

Keri shook her head vigorously, trying to communicate with widened eyes just how much she wanted to remain alive and whole. She closed them as the point of the knife lingered near her cheek before sliding down her neck. The woman took hold of the robe’s lapel and drew it taught across Keri’s throat, insinuating the blade under it. Keri felt the icy edge along her shoulder and whimpered.

“I have a message from your husband,” the woman whispered in her ear.

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