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Martha Bell: Breakfast With the Devil by Surreal

Caught by the German occupation of France Fred McCall and his employees, the undeniably attractive and sexy redhead Martha along with her chaperone Anna, initially sought to escape amidst the hectic withdrawal of Dunkirk.  Fate has other ideas.  Cut off from the north coast by sweeping Panzer Corps, Fred is stopped in a British Army lorry by what transpires to be an old business partner, now a member of the German SS.  Richter, the Nazi Lieutenant and a man with a penchant for sadism and a fancy for Martha leads them to a farm where other Germans are operating a scam to line their own pockets.  As safe as they could be they endure a boredom of seclusion until Richter announces a plan to go to England to retrieve five loads of S & M apparatus Fred had ready for shipment to France.  Richter though has other reasons for the escapade.

Martha Bell The Devil To Breakfast is a fast moving steamy tale of partnership between enemies in a world turned upside down where not everyone is as war.  From selling apparatus to sexy lingerie, Martha grabs any opportunity to suffer the lash and satisfy her ongoing lust for sex, be it with women or men.

Key words : Consensual Spanking, Whipping. Heterosexual sex; Lesbian sex; Bondage; Male Dom; Fem Dom; Romance.

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