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The Spiral She Led Him Down by Anise Pemberton

Inspired by the success of two of her friends in turning around their marriages to overbearing husbands, Corinne Beswick looks back on the events that changed the life of both herself and her own overbearing partner, Robin. Life had not always been so good. So, Corinne Beswick mused, as she relaxed on the sofa lapped in indolence; her every reasonable and achievable desire catered to by the handsome older man on the carpet before her. A handsome man whose attention was concentrated on the slender foot resting in his lap, its unblemished and smooth whiteness standing out starkly against the navy apron she insisted he wear when performing his chores. His eyes seldom rising above calf level as he squatted on his haunches and prepared to provide her with the kind of meticulous pedicure she insisted upon and he had been trained to deliver…    Her domestication of him something she could still marvel at no matter how numerous the examples he provided of her success on a daily basis. Includes F/m, spanking, pain, humiliation, chastity cage, domestication, multiracial.

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“The first time Nigey Pumpkin witnessed me being fucked by a real man –a real black man- our relationship was changed forever.”

Coral Jackman paused in her story to sip her Roc de Lussac and savour the state of shock and disbelief her story up to then had instilled in her friends; knowing they had heard nothing yet.

“You… You…?”

It was Corinne; struggling to form a coherent sentence in the face of what she had just been told – was being told.

“I mean, you… he… He actually watched?”

“No, Corinne,” Coral told her, smiling, “I haven’t let him watch yet – nor will I. To be honest, I’m not comfortable with it.”

“You don’t say!” snorted Mandy, triggering them all to laughter and lightening the atmosphere.

“I have let him listen though,” Coral said when she recovered from her amusement.

“And he’s alright with that?”

“No, Mandy. He’s a long, long, way from being ‘Alright’ with it.”

“Then why does…?”

“He puts up with it, Corinne, because he has absolutely no choice,” Coral overrode her.

“But… It doesn’t make any sense.”

“Corinne’s right,” Mandy agreed. “Why on earth would he sit still for something like that? Just letting you be… be…”

“Fucked by another man – a Black man?”

Mandy nodded and Coral’s smile was truly self-satisfied, thoroughly enjoying herself as she brought her friends up to speed with her new home life.

“You know how he always likes to be in charge? How my opinion counted for nothing?”

“Do get on with it,” Mandy urged her. “Of course we know. You know we know. My Ron and Corinne’s Robin aren’t new-men exactly.”

“Well, then you’ll be interested to know that, after I took charge and put him under, he was not so much a ‘New man’ as a new half-a-man.”

Corinne pressed her thighs together, sensing her own wetness beneath the denim of her Ralph Lauren’s.

At her side, Mandy was equally as fidgety as Coral went on, their hostess realising she had her friend’s attention now.

And then some.

“When Marlon came over that first night I made Nigel clear some space from the floor of our wardrobe and sit in it. I warned him that if he made a noise and young Marlon found he was there he’d not only be even more humiliated but he’d get the hiding of his life – from both of us.”

“Jeez!” Mandy exclaimed, air leaving her at a rush as she did so. “Just how ‘Young’ is this ‘Marlon’?”

“Actually,” Coral said, smiling, aware of the effect what she was about to say would have: “fucking the married white lady was something of a treat for him; given it was his sixteenth birthday.”

“Sixteen?” Mandy and Corinne blurted out together.

Coral nodded, totally unfazed by their surprise.

“Is… Is that legal?” Corinne asked.

“Who cares,” Coral told her. “He’s got a cock on him like a Kentucky show horse.”

She gave it some thought:

“And, yes, Corinne, it is legal… It does have to be said, mind, that he’s not the brightest cookie on the block; but he is very courteous of me and very, powerful. Believe me, after years of Nigey Pumpkin’s sad little efforts on the mattress it feels as if I’m being transported to a new world – and a far more exciting one.”

“What was it like?” Mandy asked, somewhat breathlessly, her hostess noticed.

“What was it like?” Coral paraphrased, before giving it some serious thought.

“Well?” Mandy demanded, when Coral continued thinking about it.

Beside Mandy, Corinne looked just as eager and Coral looked amused, knowing she hadn’t misjudged her friend’s reactions.

“If I’m going to be honest,” she began, “and apart from -as I’ve already said- being transported to a new world; I’d have to say I was nervous. Be fair now, I might have been on the way to having Nigel pretty much tamed by then, but it was still my first time cheating on him with his full knowledge. How could I not be nervous when I was letting myself be fucked by a young man with my husband trapped in our wardrobe? Knowing all the while he was seething with anger and unable to do anything about it.”

Her tone became a little darker:

“Unless, of course, he was willing to face the consequences.”

On the sofa, the two friends gave each other puzzled stares.

“Consequences?” they repeated, as if they had both been auto-cued.

“Oh, yes,” Coral said emphatically.

“You mean…?” an amazed Corinne began. “Like punishment, or something.”

“No,” Coral told her. “Not: ‘Or something’. Just punishment.”

Looking to Mandy, Corinne could see she was finding it just as difficult to take in.

“I’ll tell you both about that later,” Coral promised them. “For now though, I was under the impression you wanted to know what it was like to sit astride a young black stallion and have some real sex.”

She waited for an answer that didn’t come.

“Am I right?” she pressed.

“Oh, just stop asking stupid bloody questions and get on with it,” Mandy scolded her, again winning laughter for her impatience.

“Tell us, Coral,” Corinne urged, her own need to hear just as urgent; not having experienced the phenomenon for some time and finding herself eager to at least hear about some ‘Real’ sex.

“When Marlon and I first sat on the bed,” Coral began, “The same bed Nigel had once considered his and I was about to make mine; I think we were both a bit nervous.”

She smiled.

“But not for long. Marlon may be a young and not very bright man, but he’s certainly a quick learner when it comes to fucking. When I unzipped him and reached through the opening to get at the prize, he was already smiling at me; totally sure of himself; completely confident I wasn’t about to experience a let-down.”

For a few seconds she seemed to consider this, a tiny smile of wonderment accompanying her thoughts.

“They’d told me he was built and I wouldn’t be disappointed.”

A knowing smile accompanied yet more consideration until, finally:

“Trust me: they weren’t wrong.”

By now, and if anything, the fidgeting on the sofa opposite was intensifying as Coral continued:

“He was wearing no underwear and when my fingers touched it I gasped. What my fingers were touching was a black cock so gigantic and hard it defied fantasy, let alone experience.

“By the time I’d got him out of his trousers and laying back on the bed, I was in a state of near reverence –or would have if I hadn’t been in such a condition of utter and complete rut.

“The veins of his massive pole throbbed as if they would explode, telling me his own arousal was as great as mine and that the old white lady was actually doing it for him as he was doing it for me. It was unbelievable. As I caressed its length with feather-light touches, his incredible equipment seemed to extend in both width and height.

A movement at Corinne’s side caught her eye and she realised, with a start, that Mandy was stroking her own thigh.

Corinne even more surprised to find she herself was doing the same.

“Still caressing him, I leaned in closer, lips within kissing distance of the polished skin of his massive head, a tiny drop of pre-cum waiting to say hello to me.

“Please, Mrs Jackman,” my young and courteous stud said, loudly enough for my suffering and powerless husband to hear.

“Be patient, Marlon,” I soothed him, allowing my breath to play over his cock, pitching my voice loud enough for my husband to hear me also.”

A look of purest malice crossed her face:

“Couldn’t have the bastard missing anything, could I?” she asked, almost as if to herself.

Recovering herself then and smiling towards her impatient –and turned on- friends before continuing:

“Soon you’ll have everything you want from your white mistress,” I told him. Then, slowly, I inched forward until I was close enough to give that massive, polished, head a lazy great lick; the taste of his pre-cum doing nothing to discourage me as I licked around and under the head before finally taking him between my lips and on into my mouth.

“The warmth of my mouth seemed to galvanise him and he gave such a start I was convinced that wonderful cock would drill right through the back of my head; making me wonder if I could actually keep him in place without gagging. Already, my lips were stretched as if in a rictus, jaws open to the limit, as I attempted to suck the monster sharing a home with my dentistry.

“Don’t stop, Mrs Jackman,” I heard, knowing Nigel would have heard it too, the entreaty from this young god spurring me on to take as much of my sixteen-year-old lover into my thirty-seven-year-old mouth as was physically possible. At least without it blocking my airways. Finding myself giddy with power at pleasuring and controlling the cock of a young stranger while my husband could do no more than listen from the wardrobe into which I had forced him.

“When the pressure became too much, even for me, I reluctantly removed that wonderful pleasure stick from my mouth and began to lick at its length from the base up, chin tickled by his wiry pubic hair and nostrils quivering from the exotic aroma of his cock and balls. From bottom to top and down again, I licked, repeating the process I don’t know how many times until my teenage captive’s cock glistened with my saliva.

Again, Coral paused in her description and gave her friends a serious look:

“I tell you, if I hadn’t already realised –which I had by the way- that my life would never be the same again, this would have clinched the deal. This was something I would not be giving up. For anybody. Least of all the pitiful wretch I’d consigned to the wardrobe to hear me fucked by a better man-stroke-boy.

“Right away I knew that Nigel, whether he liked it or not –and I knew he didn’t go much on the former- would have to accept, and be forced to do so if he proved reluctant, that our lives had changed forever.”

She looked from one of her friends to the other, the:

“And to my advantage, not his.”

She waited for a response could see only impatience for her to resume the description of the way she had cuckolded her husband for the first time with his knowledge.

“Anyway, before long I was sucking his balls into my mouth before pulling away and laving away at them with my tongue as if they were two king-size scoops of delicious chocolate ice cream, totally engrossed in what I was doing; though not enough to forget to make as much noise as possible for the prisoner in the wardrobe.

“I was totally in to it. Not a pang of guilt or embarrassment did I feel. Nigel had walked all over me from the moment we had met and now he was going to pay fifty times over for making me feel like an inferior being.”

If Mandy and Corinne had any lingering doubts on behalf of their friend’s sincerity, the look of pure venom on Coral’s face at that moment would have put them to bed once and for all.

“By now of course,” she went on, “I was almost beside myself with the need to feel this boy and his beautiful cock inside me. So many emotions were flooding through me it was hard at the time to describe any one in particular. I wanted to control him and be controlled by him; to take him and give myself to him; to please both him and myself.

A look of sheer wonder transformed her face as she recalled this life changing event and her envious friends waited for her to continue.


“I took what I could take of that great pole in my mouth again and sucked as if my life depended upon it. This time the taste of his cum as it leaked onto my tongue didn’t repulse me as it had on the occasions Nigel had insisted I perform the favour for him. On the contrary, now it inspired me to even greater efforts to please the monster I had invited into my mouth with such willingness – though I did wonder how I would cope when it came time for me to get astride and attempt to ride a weapon of such a size.

“I remember scolding myself: ‘You’re a woman’; the mother of two girls. Surely, if I could bear the pain of delivering two seven-pound infants I could take anything a mere man –in this case, boy- could dish out.

“If anything, I was actually looking forward to the discomfort and pain, because that would mean my pussy was actually being filled for once – was actually being used at something like the capacity for which it was intended; rather than simply tolerating the efforts of Nigel and his inferior equipment.

“My mouth not having the capacity of my pussy, I’d soon taken as much as I could of the cock I’d crammed into it. It was time to be fucked at last – and by a real man.

“Like souls possessed, we shed the rest of our clothes and once again Marlon was flat to the bed on his back, his youthful young body glistening with alight sheen of sweat, not an ounce of fat to be seen, that wondrous prick straining towards the ceiling as if awaiting orders from Cape Kennedy.”

Coral pointed to the mission control centre between her legs and smiled to emphasise her point.

Needlessly, if the nodding heads and absorbed stares of her friends were any guide.

“Kneeling astride his waist,” Coral continued, “making a point to keep contact with his eyes as he penetrated me for the first time, I slowly lowered myself onto that great, pulsating, black column.”

She closed her eyes then, reliving a moment that was scorched into her memory, knowing that no matter how many times she repeated the experience that first time would be the one her database returned to with most regularity.

“For the first time in my life,” she told them, voice barely a whisper, “I came simply from the first touch of his cock against the outer folds of my labia.

“Never have I been so open and responsive to a man – let alone a boy. I was there for this young black god and his superior cock in a way I had never been there for anyone before and when I eased down and took more of it inside me I finally understood what they meant by le petit mort. I was being filled with its length and thickness in a way I’d never been filled before.

“I swear to you, it was absolutely; mind tinglingly and addictively; out of this universe.”

It was a declaration receiving no hint of disbelief from the enthralled audience opposite.

The hostess’s audience of friends rapt with anticipation, she went on:

“I remember screaming at the top of my voice and, incredulous at the experience of two orgasms in almost as many seconds. I really thought at one point I would lose consciousness as I took in more of him, knowing I was barely halfway towards engulfing him entirely and –two children or not- wondering if I could actually accomplish the feat.

“‘Fuck me!’ I remember screaming as he boldly went where no cock had gone before, the approach of a third –yes, third- orgasm imminent and overwhelmed by the new sensations me, worried it might be third time unlucky and I’d find myself impaled like some Christian crusader before being allowed to enter paradise again.

“I may have been in the saddle but there was no doubt who was riding who now as he gripped me at the waist and eased me up and down his length until, this time, we reached the crisis together and his body arched, head colliding with my breasts as it did; my young stallion using the opportunity to suck one of my bullet-hard nipples into his mouth even as he joined me in a joint and primal scream of utter abandonment.”

Coral was shaking her head by now, eyes half-closed and breathing shallow, almost as if she had just undergone the experience again.

When her eyes opened fully and she came down to earth, she noticed her friend’s weren’t exactly unmoved either.

“I promise you,” she assured them when she was able to speak, “at that moment, I felt as if he owned me.”

For what could only have been seconds but seemed like forever, there was silence as each of them thought their own thoughts, then:


It was Mandy, face flushed and eyes brilliant under the illumination of a table-lamp, completely blown away by Coral’s story; a part of her praying for it to be more than that and be true – the suspicion she and Corinne might be the victims of some elaborate hoax at the hands of their host and hostess refusing to be entirely persuaded.

Even if incredulity was receding by the millisecond.

Nigel, after all, wasn’t big on either a sense of humour or a capacity to laugh at himself. Hardly credible he would be in on or instigate a joke that made him seem so… pitiful.

“I can’t believe it,” Corinne gasped at Mandy’s side, finding the breath to form words at last.

“Believe it,” Coral advised her with a grave expression.

“But…” Corinne began. “Nigel. Why would he possibly…?”

“Nigel had no choice and will never have a choice again when it comes to me,” Coral came in, divining her friend’s question before she had a chance to fully frame it.


A raised hand forestalled Corinne this time:

“I’ll answer all your questions,” Coral told her. “Both of you. So just be patient. Nigey Pumpkin’s all tucked up in bed by now and we have the whole night ahead of us.”

With a smile, she stood and moved to the table hosting the wine:

“I think I have a couple of excited friends who could do with their drinks refilling.”

With a start, so absorbed had they been, both Corinne and Mandy realised they were holding empty glasses; neither having any recollection of having finished them.

“Quite a shock, heh?” Coral laughed as she poured.

“If you’re a fan of understatement,” Mandy snorted.

Coral hooted.

“How did…?” Corinne began, still in a state of some shock. “How did…?”

“Nigel take it?” her hostess finished for her.

Corinne nodded.

Coral was laughing now, returning the white to the table and topping herself with the Roc de Lussac, the recollection of her husband’s reaction obviously giving her much pleasure.

“When Marlon had gone and I let him out of the wardrobe I expected to hear a string of obscenities aimed my way – was looking forward to it actually as it would have given me ample cause to punish him.”

Mandy and Corinne shared looks with each other.

“That’s what I said,” Coral told them. “I told you earlier: if he misbehaves there are consequences. Delicious consequences. For me, anyway.”

Stranger and stranger thought her two friends.

“Anyhow, after I let him out he just couldn’t look me in the eye. What I pulled from that wardrobe wasn’t a man any longer – at least not the life and soul of the nineteenth hole you both knew and detested. Oh, no! He’d just seen –heard- what a man could do for me; even in the body of a sixteen-year-old boy; and he knew he would never, ever, come within a planet’s distance of matching it.”

She sipped and swallowed her St Emilion before continuing:

“And do you know what?” she asked.

On the sofa the girls waited.

“Despite the way he had always expected me to defer to him and took the lead with me; consulting me on nothing; what I detested him for most was the sex I’d missed out on during all those years of his half-arsed and self-involved imitations of a good fucking.”

Opposite her, Corinne considered her friend’s words and the resentment she herself felt for the husband who had –was- depriving her of the same.

It taking only a quick sideways glance at Mandy to reassure her she wasn’t alone. The two of them, had they compared notes, envious of both what their friend had experienced with the young boy and the position of second-class citizen to which she had relegated her husband.

It was Mandy who was able to control her envy enough to ask:

“Coral, this is… well, marvellous, I have to confess. Just hearing you describe it has turned me on more than Ron has managed in the last ten years – and that’s with a hard dick. But…”

“Yes,” Coral smiled. “I think I know where you’re going.”

Mandy’s question did not disabuse her:

“Why on earth would Nigel –of all people- stand for it?”

Corinne nodded; in complete agreement with the question and equally as puzzled; hoping against hope that Coral’s answer could in some way help her to turn around the miserable shell of a marriage that hers had become and show her how she herself could affect such a complete and seemingly irrevocable role-reversal.

After Coral gave them both a smile and composed herself, with the help of some more St Emilion, the answer she gave, and the details she supplied to back it up, left neither Corinne nor Mandy disappointed.


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