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Prohibited Planet by John Ponder

SciFi Erotic Romance.

When a warring Vekun ship is damaged in battle, its Captain Ashe takes refuge on the neutral but forbidden planet Zoeen. Its crew is placed in a military base on a remote island, waiting for transport back to Vekun. With Vekun a male-dominated planet, and Zoeen female-dominated, interaction between the planets is discouraged. That is until Zoeen’s base commander learns that Vekun men have military technical secrets that will benefit their planet’s defenses. Although sexual relations are now encouraged between the two opposing cultures, they clash in a public sex orgy.

When the Zoeen female Shirley falls in love with the Vekun ship’s Captain Ashe, it’s to the displeasure of Shirley’s mother, the base Commander. Ashe expects a submissive female ready to serve his sexual needs. Ashe will even spank and publically humiliate her when she fails to satisfy his needs. Her sister Mary, meanwhile, finds a Vekun man who fantasizes about living on a female dominated planet and so teaches him how to serve a Zoeen woman’s sexual needs.

When contact is finally made between the two planets, Captain Ashe learns that he is to be tried and executed when he returns to Vekun for having landed on a forbidden planet, regardless of having saved his crew. With his life in the balance, Shirley attempts to make his remaining time on Zoeen as happy as possible. However, in the world of interplanetary politics there’s always an unexpected twist.

Includes, female and male domination, cunnilingus, fellatio, face-fuck, face-sitting, spanking, public nudity, public masturbation, public sex, cum-face, anal sex, ass licking.

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