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Retaliation by Jurgen von Stuka
Hank’s living a dream life ” a successful stockbroker with a hot car and a hot wife, who just happens to be a top surgeon. He’s also a cheating snake, who knows he’s bound to get caught. If his private playroom suite is discovered, he’ll be on his way to Ecuador in a heartbeat. What he doesn’t count on is one of his mistreated bimbos blowing the whistle, leaving him chained and gagged in the fun closet of his penthouse suite.
Wife Melinda’s wrath is matched only by her cunning intelligence. Seems Hank “accidentally’ drives his fancy sports car off a cliff, nothing left other than matching the DNA in the tattered remnants found in the wreckage.
Ah, but Hank lives on! Sort of. His life changes forever, as he becomes his wife’s masterpiece of the surgical arts, shown off to “the girls’ at cocktail parties, at charity events and made available to just about anyone who wants an interesting, if a bit unusual, lay. He becomes Holly, a hybrid boy/girl, anatomically 100% female in every respect, while in his head, where his wife cannot reach, he’s still a man.
Melinda uses every training and disciplinary technique in the book on Hank/Holly, from the initial cock and ball cage to whipping and electronic punishments that until then, Hank had only used on his female conquests. The story is harsh. Melinda’s treatment of her ex is a cheated wife’s dream of vengeance. For male readers, the story might be their worst nightmare. For female readers, it might be the best getting even tale ever.
Cheating husbands, beware of an angry spouse!

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