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Rules of the House by M. Daniel

A tale of love, revenge, domination and submission.

Big changes are in store when Mother, who’s great at pleasing her man, unexpectedly fucks him to death. At the reading of the will, Mother and her step-daughter (otherwise known as Daughter) are worried about who’s going to inherit Big Daddy’s considerable fortune. Neither of the two like the other, and there’s a lot at stake. When Daughter is named Big Daddy’s sole heir, Mother faints, while Daughter is overjoyed. Mother gets nothing, while Daughter is left all of Big Daddy’s vast fortune, including the mansion, the summerhouse in Costa Rica, the yacht, etcetera, etcetera, everything the man owned. And now, Daughter is out for revenge against the woman who has been nothing but mean, rude and unpleasant in her. However, that’s just the half of it! Figure into the drama Helper, who has helped maintain the household, and the newly hired Assistant who just happens to land on top in this unusual household, dominating the very people who hired her to be their servant. See how she does it!

Femdom BDSM including F/f, lesbian romance, mistress, master, paddle, cane, cat-o-nine tails, belt, leather, dildos, spanking, whipping, training, strap-on sex and body modification.

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At three forty-nine A.M. that Monday morning Mother woke up with a start as Daughter yanked the covers off of her. “Don’t fucking move,” Daughter demanded. Mother lay frozen in the center of her bed. She knew what was coming. She could hear it in the tone of her voice and she could see it in her stance. She stood completely naked and jingling a sandwich bag full of large, metal binder clips. She also had the bamboo cane, the strap, and that massive black rubber butt plug that Mother hated so much. Mother braced herself for what she knew was coming.

Every few months Daughter would suddenly assault her this way. On those occasions Mother knew not to move at all. She was not allowed to hug, kiss, or even touch Daughter during the entire episode. She was to lie still and allow Daughter to use her in any way she wanted. Mother was like a rag doll at those times, turned this way or that, used sexually in any way Daughter wanted. And of course whipped, usually severely, any way Daughter wanted.

Mother had come to understand years ago that these kinds of middle-of-the-night assaults always and only happened when Daughter was feeling insecure about something. She felt insecure about many things in her life. She often felt alone in the world especially after Big Daddy died. Mother knew that was part of the reason Daughter allowed her to stay on at the mansion. She hated her when she was married to her daddy. But once he was gone Mother was all she had left to help her feel grounded and not all alone in the world. Daughter could not say that out loud or even admit it to herself. But Mother understood and cared.

In this case Mother knew Daughter probably feared how the introduction of the slave into their lives later today was going to affect her. Mother understood and loved her enough to just lie there unmoving and totally willing to allow Daughter to use and abuse her in any way she needed to work out her fears. Mother thought maybe these middle-of-night assaults on her gave Daughter a feeling of being in control of things in her life. Maybe it gave her a sense of being the powerful ruler of the mansion like Big Daddy was.  One thing was certain once the assaults were over Daughter usually ended up being held in Mother’s arms and even nursing at her breasts.

Daughter approached the bed and threw the cane and strap on the bed next to Mother. “Turn over you stupid lazy slut,” she demanded, getting on her knees in the bed beside her. She slapped Mother’s inner thighs. Mother immediately spread her legs wide and raised her butt slightly. She knew what was coming. “Lazy slut,” Daughter said. Then she spat into Mother’s ass hole and rammed her finger inside of her spreading the saliva around to lubricate it. “If I were you I would open that ass a lot wider, slut. If you know what’s good for you….”

“Okay. I’m sorry, Daughter,” Mother said. Then she spat on her fingers and reached back and eased two then three fingers into her own ass hole. She pulled out her fingers again and spat on them and rammed them back in as far as she could. Then she pulled them out. “I’m sorry, Daughter. It’s ready now though,” she said, her voice trembling at what she knew was coming. It was that black, rubber butt plug. It was ten inches long and measured five inches round at its pointed end widening out to eight inches round at its hilt. “Oh, ouch! Daughter please,” Mother squealed as Daughter unceremoniously rammed the head of the dildo into Mother’s ass.

It was ringed with stiff ridges and Daughter rammed it in up to the first ridge then stopped. “You’re a lazy slut,” Daughter said in a slow wicked voice. “Say it, slut.” Then she pushed the dildo one ridge farther.

“Ouch! I’m a lazy slut. Oh please.”

She shoved the dildo one more ridge. “Say it,” Daughter said, and Mother pleadingly obeyed. And the insertion continued until the dildo was halfway to the hilt before Daughter stopped. She picked up one of the binder clips and held it down in front of Mother’s eyes. “Say it again.”

“I’m a lazy….” She could not finish obeying because Daughter took a large pinch of flesh on Mother’s ass and snapped a binder clip onto it.  “Ow, ow, ow…” she cried as Daughter laughed and pinched another then another and another until both of mother’s bottom cheeks were covered with the painful bites of that whole bag of binder clips. The pain was tremendous. And as much as Mother was dying to reach back and relieve her suffering, she did not. She lay there almost perfectly still and crying uncontrollably for Daughter. “I’m a lazy slut,” she finally managed to say it. And that’s when Daughter, in one vicious shove, rammed the entire dildo up her ass.

“Oh my…No…Oh…Please… Ow, ow, ow…I’m sorry. I’m a lazy slut. I’m sorry.” Mother fought to remain motionless, but she could not help at least rocking slightly side-to-side as she begged for mercy. Her ass was in such pain that Mother felt like it was being slowly peeled off of her. Her screams might have wakened the whole neighborhood if she had not pressed her face into her pillow to muffle her spine tingling cries. She felt bad embarrassing Daughter with her hideously ungrateful display. “I’m sorry, Hon. I’m sorry. You’re right. I’m a slut and whore and lazy stupid cunt. I’m sorry….” she cried, hoping something she said might ease her suffering.

But just when she thought her suffering could get no worse, Daughter stood up and picked up the strap. “You’re disgusting. Shut up!” she yelled at her. “Disgusting!” Then she swung the strap from left to right ripping away several of the large binder clips. She watched with amusement as Mother’s legs twitched and how her butt bounced up and down and rocked side-to-side. She swung the strap back and forth over and over sending hot flaming balls of pain exploding all through Mother’s tortured body. She continued swinging the strap until she had ripped off every one of the metal clips. Then she threw the strap down striking Mother on the back of her head with it.

Mother’s pain was so intense that she could not tell if the clips were still there or torn away. Her entire ass felt like a roaring flame. She mashed her face deeper into her tear-soaked pillow because, try though she did, she could not stop crying out in her pitifully heart-rending screams. But she continued to lie as perfectly still as she could despite the roaring pain raping her body. But she feared her suffering was about get a thousand times worse when she felt Daughter grab her by the arm and flip her over onto her back. Mother knew this meant Daughter was about to use that stiff bamboo cane to savagely whip her helpless breasts. She knew because she had suffered that horrible abuse before during these assaults.

Her fear was so overwhelming that her tears stopped flowing. She stopped moaning. Her body fell completely motionless. Through her tear-filled eyes she saw Daughter standing over her with that bamboo cane poised to strike. She clenched the sheets in her balled up fists and took a deep breath resigning herself to the coming assault on her breasts. Being flipped onto her back with all of her weight pressing her butt down on the mattress sent a fiery burst of pain erupting through her entire body. She balled her fists even tighter on the sheets wishing she could bury herself under her covers to escape what was coming. The sight of the cane raised above her and Daughter rearing back to bring it cutting across her breasts made her slam her eyes shut in terrifying anticipation.

It was then that daughter froze. She stood staring down on Mother lying there trembling in fear. She slowly lowered her arm and tossed the cane aside. She placed one knee on the bed and leaned over to look at Mother’s breasts. The site of Mother’s plump, puffy nipples made her smile. She could remember all the times she had nursed at those breasts after giving Mother a sound spanking. And how much she loved the feel of what she girlishly called Mother’s puffy nips between her lips. She smiled and looked to see that Mother’s eyes were still tightly closed. Then she slowly crawled into bed with her.

Mother lay motionless wondering what was happening. Why had Daughter crawled into the bed? What was she about to do? Then she got her answer. Daughter slid her hands under Mother’s butt cheeks, lifted her slightly off the mattress, and pulled her quivering pussy deep into her gaping mouth. Mother’s body stiffened. The tremendous pain of that black rubber butt plug in her ass and Daughter’s hands clutching her burning bottom were quickly subsumed by the glorious feel of Daughter’s expert tongue diving deep inside her Pussy and lapping along the soft pink walls working its way inward toward her swiftly rising clitoris.



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