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Rules of the House by M. Daniel

A tale of love, revenge, domination and submission.

Big changes are in store when Mother, who’s great at pleasing her man, unexpectedly fucks him to death. At the reading of the will, Mother and her step-daughter (otherwise known as Daughter) are worried about who’s going to inherit Big Daddy’s considerable fortune. Neither of the two like the other, and there’s a lot at stake. When Daughter is named Big Daddy’s sole heir, Mother faints, while Daughter is overjoyed. Mother gets nothing, while Daughter is left all of Big Daddy’s vast fortune, including the mansion, the summerhouse in Costa Rica, the yacht, etcetera, etcetera, everything the man owned. And now, Daughter is out for revenge against the woman who has been nothing but mean, rude and unpleasant in her. However, that’s just the half of it! Figure into the drama Helper, who has helped maintain the household, and the newly hired Assistant who just happens to land on top in this unusual household, dominating the very people who hired her to be their servant. See how she does it!

Femdom BDSM including F/f, lesbian romance, mistress, master, paddle, cane, cat-o-nine tails, belt, leather, dildos, spanking, whipping, training, strap-on sex and body modification.

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