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Sophie & Maureen by Lizbeth Dusseau

Two best friends caught in a mysterious web of erotic pleasure, guided by the masterful stranger Jon Rush. Sophie’s ordinary modeling job turns into a love affair with her photographer. Soon her sexy romps before the camera become sensuous scenes with bondage, leather, ropes, naked poses and the coolly distant Rush whispering orders in her ear. Submissively falling under the man’s spell, she slips into San Francisco’s sexual underground – perhaps by choice, perhaps forced. Urged by her own unexplored sexual desires, a frantic Maureen seeks to rescue Sophie. But, in so doing, she must submit to Jon and his world, Black Doors, a private sex club buried in a subterranean Chinatown basement. In Black Doors, the sex is torrid rife with the pains and pleasures of S&M and tawdry exhibitionism. Darker still are the shocking mysteries of a realm beyond Black Doors where women become nameless chattel, where they revel in the sexual services they offer those who own them. This novel includes bondage, whipping, humiliation, anal sex, branding and piercing.

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