Submissively Addicted to You


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Submissively Addicted To You by Lizbeth Dusseau

In college Polly Montgomery had affairs with men and women as she explored her sexually submissive side. She assumed it was just a phase. But when years later, a butch lesbian catches her eye, and then an explosive affair with artist Howard Garth reacquaints her with kinky sex, Polly feels her submissive self come back to life. But is she ready for more?

Weeks later, at a museum opening, Polly finds herself enchanted by the reclusive black artist, Theo Gray. When Theo suddenly demands her presence at his Caribbean estate for an interview, she’s more than ready to go. However, Gray’s thuggish bodyguards suddenly whisk her away in a private jet, and Polly learns that Theo has more in mind than a simple interview. She’s about to become his next slave!

Addicted to submission, Polly is taken deep into a world of sexual depravity, a territory as dangerous for her future as it is erotically fulfilling in the moment. Can she wrench herself from this addiction and end the affair before it’s too late?

Includes bondage, whipping, spanking, humiliation, pain, public sex, interracial, multiple partners, pony training, oral, anal F/f and lesbian sex.

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