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The Handmaiden’s Revenge by Lizbeth Dusseau

Sir Sagemore defeats Titus of Castonia, the sworn enemy of Lord Nor, ruler of Illusia. He earns the right to bring Nor’s slave/wife, Casia, into his bed, his brothel and his dungeon. For a fortnight, Casia and her handmaidens are there to appease the victors with their loins and their abject submission, becoming centerpieces in a wicked, sadomasochistic victory celebration.

Meanwhile, Lord Nor scours his dungeons looking for a female to replace his borrowed wife. He quickly becomes enamored with a Castonian handmaid, Ariel. Ignoring her vengeful curse, he hastily savages this beautiful enemy before a cheering throng, and finally takes her to be trained as an Illusian slave.

Only when his Casia disappears on her trip back does he consider that Ariel’s curse is real. Has his noble slave/queen fallen into the hands of the enemy? Has fate taken his lady from him forever?

And what of Titus? When the villainous, defeated prince buys two unnamed maids from a pair of scheming bandits, he is determined to learn their true identity. But even his vile tortures and public humiliation will not make these proud maids talk.

A tale of triumph, magic and defeat wrapped in mystery, curses and vile deeds – of female sex slaves and their resolve to persevere. Includes public sadomasochistic acts, whips, cages, bondage, enemas & anal and fem/fem sex, gang-rapes and other graphic sexual content.

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