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The House Guest by J.P. Kansas

After sending a performance tape to a prestigious music school in New York City, young and innocent flautist Nona Williamson, fresh out of college, is invited to audition in person. With little money and no friends in New York, she methodically collects a list of people she might be able to stay with from her friends

A few days before getting on the bus, she sits down with her list. The first entry is Barbara and Steve Andrews. Nona calls the number, and Barbara eventually answers. Barbara is surprised that their mutual friend didn’t call Nona to explain the situation: she and her husband live in a small loft with very little space. Despite not having a separate bedroom for her, Barbara invites Nona to stay with them.

Soon after welcoming Nona into their small apartment, Barbara and Steve invite her into their bed. Nona admits to herself that having any sort of sexual relationship with this wonderful couple is probably not the best idea, but desire and emotion take over. Soon, however, the heady erotic adventure leads to a maelstrom of infatuation, jealousy, rage, sorrow, and regret.

Includes: Straight sex, lesbian sex, multiple partners, threesomes.


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