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Isabel/Sonia by Justine Johns

“Well” I’ve always had bit of a secret yen to strip””
“I know a stripper who might allow you to join her on the stage.”
“Oh no. It’s unthinkable, really. Suppose someone who knows me saw me?”
“I could help there too. I know a make-up artist who could disguise your face to be unrecognisable.”
Isabel looked at him. He looked back”.
With her face disguised by a famous makeup artist, and three months off from her normal life, Isabel plans to make her private fantasies come true. Once she discovered that her fiancé was two-timing her ” no, multi-timing her ” she blew a fuse ” not just one, but all of them! In the aftermath of betrayal, a meeting with a mysterious man, and a night of passion beyond imagination, leads to three months as the astonishing “Sonia Tansey’. As Sonia, Isabel strips in London nightclubs, attends orgies, poses for men’s magazines, directs spanking parties and takes a girl lover called Lucy. Some days, she’s still Isabel, same reserved, quiet, model of decorum Isabel, the girl she’s always been. She likes both lives. But when she meets Travis. big problems arise! Not only does she meet him as the respectable Isabel, the girl he wants for a true romance, she meets him as alter-ego Sonia. In Sonia he finds a celebrity wild girl he hooks up with for uninhibited sessions behind Isabel’s back, or so he thinks. Meanwhile, there’s something very mysterious about her lover Lucy” An Erotic Romance with Male/fem, Fem/fem, exhibitionism, spanking, caning, threesomes, and group sex.

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A motor whirred. She was lifted up into the air in her doubled-over position, and she was tilted over till she looking at the floor. Her lower regions were now uppermost, pointing upwards. What was between her legs was completely open, her bottom bent over hard, the cheeks firm and parted, the crevice between wide open.  “Oh!” she cried.  “Oh!” She quivered as she waited, longing, expectant of the things that awaited her nether regions by a man whose sexuality had overwhelmed her.

“Shall I make the small insertion?” Lorien asked quietly.


She cried out, twice, three times, but not in protest, as the toy prick entered her, in the place where before tonight she would have permitted no one to ever enter her. It went in, and further than before. There was a fullness there again, and more than fullness, an eager welcome, a joy itself and a harbinger of greater things to come. She remained waiting for his other attentions, folded over high.

He entered her between her legs, his tongue in full and deep. His tongue moved in as far as it would go, then inwards and outwards, side to side, inwards and outwards again, and onto her crucial lump, round and round on it, then back to in and out and side to side. Vivid clouds, white and red, seemed to swim before her eyes. And now his hands were on her bottom, round and round, more and more strongly, feeling every detail of the exact shape of the cheeks of her bottom, taking them wholly into his hands, knowing every part of them, pleasuring them with his hands more strongly than she could remember anyone pleasuring her bottom, knowing it with more and more force, stopping just short of the threshold of pain. His hands explored the back and inside of her thighs, up at the top, down, up, then onto her bottom once more. And then, more gently, one finger and then another went into the parting between the cheeks, and stroked her up and down on the tender skin in there, a total ecstasy itself yet part of such a greater ecstasy. Then it was no longer fingers, for he was stroking her up and down in there with something soft and silky. Isabel did not try to analyse, she merely experienced the silky feel inside her bottom parting, the toy in her nether opening, his tongue in her most important opening, his hands knowing all, everything, all, everything there was to know about her bottom.

Minutes passed. She realised she was screaming furiously, in insistence and ecstasy. Lorien eventually paused.

“More of this?” he asked.  “Or shall we proceed to full climax?”


But as he resumed, she managed to gasp,

“My lower regions are getting everything. But my breasts are being left alone, and I could do with something in my mouth.”

“You’re right.” He paused, and she saw him go away from her, watching him from upside down between her legs. He came back, holding three things in his hands.

He clamped two tight cup-like objects onto her breasts, pulled some thread, and they tightened onto her so-hard nipples.  “What’s this?” she mumbled.

“They will stimulate you there,” he said.  “See!”

A tiny shock jolted her nipples.  “What was that?” she cried.

“A very small electric discharge. It stimulates but does not hurt.”

She took two more jolts.  “Are you happy?” he asked.

“Yes!” she cried.  “Yes!”

In her mouth he placed a single really big toy cock. She took it in greedily, as far as it would go, filling her mouth. She clamped her mouth on it and moved it with her mouth and tongue, hard and deeply. But she was so hungry for his real cock.

Every intimate part of her was ever more intensely pleasured. The toy cock in her mouth, the little toy in her third opening, her breasts getting those ecstatic jolts, his tongue deep inside between her legs, and his hands knowing everything about her bottom, her hot cheeks rubbed with a vigour that stopped just short of painfulness. In the tender skin between her cheeks he rubbed again with something, but not so smooth as last time, a just-perceptible bit of delicious roughage now. And now, when he fondled the cheeks of her bottom he had something else in his hand, and it was something distinctly rough, almost sandpapering the cheeks of her bottom, side to side and up and down. Everything he was doing was so just-short of the unacceptable, so unreal but totally vivid, all these things he was doing simultaneously were like a wild hallucination, a half crazed dream that went beyond the possible.

He paused. She dropped the toy from her mouth and yelled,

“It’s time to fuck! I demand it! I demand to fuck!”


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