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The Isle of Women by Dominic Ridler

Early 19th Century. Augusta’s father, a wealthy magistrate, disapproves of her lover Lawrence and arranges for him to be transported as a convict to Australia. Augusta bribes the captain of the ship into taking her along, but when they are shipwrecked in the Indian Ocean, Augusta and Lawrence are cast away on a remote island ruled by women. Similarly shipwrecked thirty years ago, they have evolved into a society where women dominate men, who work as slaves in the fields and provide sexual services, although most women prefer lesbian sex. They strongly disapprove of her attachment to Lawrence and she is physically separated from him, becoming a teacher in the girl’s only school. She later meets the charismatic Ocean, a statuesque blonde who shows her the pleasure to be found in submitting to spanking and bondage. Augusta begins to fall in love; but can she forget Lawrence and renounce men altogether? Perhaps, she reasons, she needs to try sex with a man one last time to see if she can give it up. Intercourse, oral, anal and lesbian sex, including rimming, group sex and strap-on penetration, body modification, F/f face-sitting, spanking, whipping, orgasm control, fisting. F/m spanking, whipping, pegging, milking, breeding and forced male prostitution.

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